"There is no such thing as 'Nurse-Doctor equality'. It exists only in the 'wildest imaginations of some AMC Docs'. The only issue is 'integration of Military Nursing Service as a Corps of regular Army'; not equating Nurses with the Doctors". : Anonymous Reader



The Medical Officers of Army Medical Corps (AMC) of Indian Army are on a warpath against the Officers of Military Nursing Service (MNS), since the formation of AMC in 1948. The cause of heartburn to the Doctor Generals is the Commissioned Rank granted to Nursing Officers as per Section-5 of MNS Ordinance 1943. The powerful Lobbyists of AMC had made the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to abort the plans of re-organising and modernising the Nursing Services of the armed forces, in the line of similar happenings in other Countries. Like the integration of MNS in the regular Army by re-designating as a Corps and forming branches of Nursing Services in Navy and Air Force etc. They have ruthlessly opposed every move to better the Nursing Services and ensured that the MNS remained as an auxiliary force of the army even until today.

By keeping the MNS as an auxiliary force, they have kept the Nursing Officers away from the administration (management of men and materials for patient care) and occupied all those positions. They have taken advantage of the fact that the MNS Officers being part of an auxiliary force cannot be superior officers; therefore, the armed forces personnel need not obey their orders. Today Doctors are managing even most of the Nursing Specific Services. In the Navy and Air Force, except for the direct Nursing Care, there are no Nursing Officers in any level. All such Nursing related positions are occupied by Doctors who are other wise required to perform clinical duties. Due to such posting of hundreds of Doctors in the administrative positions, the clinical field faces severe shortages. This is also causing a huge drain on the national exchequer while considering the Non Practicing Allowance, Post Graduate allowance, higher fixation of pay on joining etc. being paid to them. Such Lobbyists who want to take over the Nursing Services were behind the recent outcry by the Army and Naval Chiefs to lower the MNS Officers pay scales.

The history of MNS post the independence is nothing but a series of successful attempts by them to degrade the conditions of Nursing Services. This has taken a very ugly turn by forcing the Government to lower the pay of the Nursing Officers. The chronology of shame, that is robbing the Nursing Services of their strength, potential, growth, honour and pay etc. are listed below:-

1948-57: The Strategic Moves

Prevented the re-designation of Military Nursing Service in to a Corps of the regular Army and grant of Commissioned Officer rank titles to the Nursing Officers in line with the changes happened in the armed forces Nursing Services of other Nations. The issue was resolved by MoD by granting Commissioned Rank titles to Nursing Officers in 1958 while maintaining the MNS as an auxiliary force (though the Nursing Officers were Commissioned Officers since 1943, instead of the army officer rank titles, the use of professional titles like Sister, Matron etc continued to be in vogue till then).

The MoD aborted the plans to form separate Nursing Services in the Navy and Air Force due to the strong lobbying against this move. The MNS Officers were since then posted to the hospitals of Navy and Air Force (though as per the MNS Ordinance 1943, Section-4, the Nursing Officers are liable for service only with forces and persons subject to Army Act, 1950). The MoD Officials were hoodwinked by making those MNS Officers posted sister services wear the Naval and Air Force Officer rank insignias. This practice of wearing the notional Naval/ Air Force officer rank was discontinued in 2000.

1967-73: The Years of Progress

When the other half of the Military Nursing Service was re-designated in to a Corps of the Pakistan Army in 1967, the issue of making the our half of the MNS also a Corps of the regular army again came up for discussions. The Lobbyists silenced the voices by granting the notional power of command to the MNS Officers through Army Orders (AO) 70/73 and 353/73. The Army Order 70/73 says that, persons subject to Army Act who are placed under the professional care of officers of the Military Nursing Service shall obey and comply with professional orders and direction of such Nursing Officers. They shall be liable to be punished for non-compliance of such orders, under Section 63 of Army Act, 1950 for violation of good order and discipline. The AO 353/73 magnanimously granted the MNS Officers the entitlement of salute and other compliments from the army personnel. Such niceties remained only on paper, even a Sepoy Nursing Assistant tradesmen (lowest rank), who is required to assist her in the patient care does not pay compliments to a Nursing Officer.

1975-82: The Reluctant Acceptance

In theory, the Nursing Services in the Army is managed by the Nursing Officers with the help of male Nursing Assistant (nursing orderlies) tradesmen of AMC. Whereas the Nursing Officers do not have any power of command over them, as they cannot be superior officers. The cases of disobeying the instructions of Officers were a common incidence (even today). There were also series of cases like rape, sexual molestation etc on the Nursing Officers by the army personnel. These were adversely affecting the patient care. The Military Nursing Services demanded to bring it under the full purview of the Army Act, 1950, to have power of command over the army personnel, to ensure the safety, security and honour of the Nursing Officers along with the patient care. The MoD was on the verge of notifying the MNS as a Corps of the regular Army. However, the Lobbyists again successfully prevented it by making some cosmetic changes to the existing regulations/ orders. Like insertion of Para 733 (b), Defence Service Regulations – Army (women officers serving in the Army Medical Corps and officers in the Military Nursing Service will rank equally with male officers of the same titular rank) and AO 11/82 (order of precedence of MNS in the hierarchy of the Arms and Services of the Army) etc.

1994-2001: The Beginning of Alienation

The Article 22(1) of Geneva Convention, 1949 (Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field), ‘grants the right to medical personnel (doctors, nurses, nursing orderlies etc.) to carry and use arms in their own defence, or in that of the wounded and sick in their charge’. Accordingly, the nursing Officers used to get arms training. The Indian Army still have medal winning shooters belong to the MNS. A Nursing Officer, Major Saroja Kumari won the Indian Army’s first Gold Medal in women’s shooting in Common Wealth Games 2006. Incidentally, she was the best shooter during her Initial Nursing Officers Course held in 1991 at AMC Centre Lucknow. However, the Lobbyists according to their long-term strategy of making the MNS Officers a cadre of Non-Combatants had stopped the arms training and Basic Military Training to them.

Every Officer of Commissioned Rank in the armed forces receives a Parchment of Commission from the Presidents of India who is the appointing authority as well as the supreme commander. The Military Nursing Service was established through the Indian Military Nursing Service Ordinance, 1943. According to the Section 5 of the ordinance, “all members of the Indian Military Nursing Service shall be of commissioned rank and shall be appointed as officers of the Indian Military Nursing Service by the Central Government by notification in the Official Gazette”. The MoD was issuing the MNS Officers also with such Parchment of Commission by the President, but the Lobbyists stopped it from 1998 onwards.

Nursing officers were entitled to Leave Travel Concession (LTC) as admissible to other Commissioned Officers with the modification that Nursing officers are entitled to Form G instead of Form D when they intend to avail LTC under Rule 177(B) TR. They were entitled to use Form G instead of Form D when traveling by rail at their own expenses in entitled class. Total number of Form G admissible will be six one-way forms in a calendar year. Husband & dependant family members of MNS officers are entitled to Form D and not Form G, provided further that maximum number of Form D and G together does not exceed six in a calendar year. The Lobbyists got the Form G of MNS Officers discontinued in 2001 and clubbed them along with the personnel below officer ranks (PBORs) on concession voucher IAFT 1720-A, which was formerly meant only for PBORs.

2002-2004: The Coupe De Grace

The Judge Advocates Generals Branch (JAG) of Army generally held that the Officers of MNS are Commissioned Officers of Army, though at times they sent out conflicting messages. Hence, the status of the MNS Officers remained as an unresolved issue. During the late Nineties, the office of the Additional Director General MNS (ADGMNS) actively pursued the case to bring the MNS fully under the purview of the Army Act, 1950. After passing through the usual service channels including the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), the case was once again accepted by the MoD in principle. The Lobbyists were subdued by a no nonsense COAS and dissent within their own Generals. The Lobbyist considered it as a threat to their supremacy in the armed forces medical service (AFMS). They were determined to stop it through any means. In those days the Nursing Officers uniform was white knee length frock as duty dress and similar olive green frock for ceremonial purposes/ administrative/ staff duties. The Lobbyists told the ADGMNS that the case to re-designate the MNS is a done thing (normally such cases take a couple of years). She was pushed on by them to progress to the next logical step before her retirement in early 2000 and claim the credit for herself. That is changing the MNS Officers dress to those worn by the rest of the Army there by signifying the re-designating the MNS as a corps of regular army. They made her to believe that the issuing of gazette notification and subsequent Army Instruction were just a formality. The Lobbyists with the support of the Adjutant General (AG) verbally authorized the ADGMNS to approve the new Dress Code for MNS Officers. Not withstanding the fact that the dress, ceremonial etc. are part of AGs charter of duties the ADGMNS prematurely issued the new dress code through an order dated 25 Jan 2000.

The Lobbyists unleashed a propaganda campaign to malign the Nursing Officers through every medium and forum available to them, which forced the MoD to put the proposal to re-designate the MNS in to cold storage. They made the entire army and MoD believe that the new dress is not patient friendly and MNS Officers after putting on the OG uniform disobeys doctors’ orders, became arrogant and unfriendly and the patient care in the hospitals is being suffered. The Lobbyists flooded the Army Head Quarters (AHQ) with problems from the military hospitals and field units in the wake of the new dress code for MNS Officers. The issues were made out to appear that the patient care is severely suffered. The AHQ modified the dress code by an order issued on 11.9.2001. The new order under the influence of the Lobbyists asked MNS Officers to wear a knee length white coat without any inners. The MNS Officers challenged the said order by different writ petitions before several High Courts, inter alia, on grounds of violation of the Fundamental Rights under Articles 14 and 21 of the Constitution (consequently it was withdrawn). However, to avoid inconsistency in judicial decisions, the Supreme Court admitted the special leave petitions and also transferred all the pending writ petitions to itself by an order made on 28.1.2002 in Transfer Petition (C) Nos.851-857 of 2001.

When these petitions came up for hearing on 6th May, 2002 the Lobbyists represented to the Court that the Union of India wanted to appoint a Review Committee to consider the question of uniform to be worn by the nurses in the Army. The Union of India thereafter constituted a Committee known as 'Military Nursing Service Dress Review Committee' which was composed of the Director General of Medical Services (Army), as the Chairman, and representatives from the DGAFMS, representative from DGMS (Army), representative from DGMS (Navy), representative from DGMS (Air Force), Dy. JAG and ADGMNS as members. The Dress Review Committee held its deliberations on 8th and 9th July 2002 and made a report. Though Major General PK Sethi, ADGMNS and Brig.(Mrs.) Usha Sikdar, DDMNS Central Command, were members of the Committee, they expressed their reservations with regard to the report and gave dissenting notes. The Dress Review Committee meticulously considered the objections and having considered various options and found in favour of the Safari Suit of soothing colour (Beige colour) in suitable fabric with badges of rank on shoulders to meet the seasonable requirements of summer and winter, as the best available option.

The Supreme Court noted that the Section 11 of MNS Ordinance vests in the Chief of the Army Staff the power to make regulations providing for all matters to be laid down and generally for all detail connected with the organisation, pay allowances, duties, discipline, training, clothing, equipment and leave of members of the Indian Military Nursing Service. In exercise of the powers vested in him The Chief of Army Staff prescribed the appropriate uniform to be worn by the members of the Indian Military Nursing Service. The prescribed uniforms were changed from time to time taking into account the advice of special committees appointed by The Chief of the Army Staff to periodically review the issue. The Honourable Court ruled that, “In any event, whether any part of the military services should have any uniform, and, if so, what should be the uniform, is an issue entirely within the province of The Chief of Army Staff by reason of Army Act, the Indian Military Nursing Act and the Regulations made by the Chief of Army Staff by the powers derivable therefrom”. The Nursing Officers dress code was changed accordingly in April 2004.

This was the coupe de grace by the Lobbyists. They have stopped the re-designation of the Military Nursing Service in to a corps of the regular army and formed a negative opinion in the entire armed forces and MoD about the MNS. In future, no Army Chief will ever recommend the integration of the MNS in the army. The Lobbyists won the final battle of minds, and the MNS will remain as an auxiliary force of the Army, until its disbandment. In the wake of the Supreme Court Order, the Lobbyists stopped the introductory Officer training to new MNS Officers. They have started addressing MNS Officers as members of MNS in all official correspondence, withheld permission of Brigadier/Major General Ranked MNS Officers from flying flags on official vehicles and prohibited the MNS Officers from wearing formations signs on uniform. Since then many clubs and organisations run for the recreation of the Service Officers have stopped granting membership to the MNS Officers. The isolation and discrimination against the MNS was apparently complete; atleast the Nursing Officers thought so until the submission of the Sixth Pay Commission report!

2008: Sixth Central Pay Commission

The recommendations made by the Army HQs to the successive pay commissions are a reasonably fair indicator of the changing attitude of the Authorities towards the Military Nursing Service. In 1986, the Armed Forces proposed to the Fourth Pay Commission, “to grant the same pay scales to MNS Officers as for other Service Officers”. To the Fifth Pay Commission in 1996, the armed forces recommended that, “the Pay Scale of the MNS Officers of Lieutenant to Colonel should commence one increment below the start of the general list cadre (same scales for Brigadiers and Major General as general list cadre) and to compensate for merit and responsibility of higher ranks, rank pay should be introduced”.

The Sixth Central Pay Commission (VI CPC) remarked that, “Officers belonging to Military Nursing Service (MNS) have a starting pay equal to the Group A civilian starting scale. MNS cadre follows same designations as the officers of the Army, however, their pay scales are slightly lower ……...”. “The Fifth CPC had additionally observed that it would not be fair to give parity between civil nurses and MNS officers keeping in view the all India liability and military service element of the latter category. The observations made by the Fifth Central Pay Commission regarding absence of any justification for drawing parity between civil nurses and MNS officers are apt”. “The Commission, however, is of the view that no differential in salary of officers belonging to the Services or MNS is justified and that the pay band and grade pay of similarly designated posts in Service Officers cadre and MNS cadre should be same. In line with the other Defence Forces personnel, Military Service Pay (MSP) would also need to be extended in their case. The rates of MSP would however need to be kept suitably lower keeping in view the fact that MNS officers are not primarily meant for combat duties”. The Commission accordingly recommended the same pay band and grade pay with a lower rate of MSP for the MNS Officers. The Commission added that, “The scheme of time bound promotions upto the level of Lieutenant Colonel, already available to the Service Officers, should be extended to MNS officers as well”. The recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission may be considered as the best recommendations ever, as the MNS cadre is concerned.

The Service Chiefs were busy in highlighting the so-called attempts by the bureaucracy to down grade the Officer Cadre of the Defence Officers. Accordingly, the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC), in a letter dated 15 Apr 2008 projected the anomalies of the report to the Defence Minister. The top brass were too preoccupied with comparing the Lieutenant Generals status against the Director General of Police. Therefore, the Lobbyists could not include any points regarding the so-called ‘equal pay to the MNS cadre vis-a-vis AMC Doctors’. However, the relentless efforts by the Lobbyists made the COAS to see the danger. He in a letter dated 20 Jun 2008 addressed to the Cabinet Secretary, stated that, “Efforts of the VI CPC to meet the just aspirations of Nurses with regards to Pay, Grade Pay and status, be it in the civil or Armed Forces Medical Services is well appreciated. However, selective upgradation of Basic Pay, Grade Pay and hence the status of Nurses only in the Armed Forces to equate them with Doctors will seriously impact on the functional relationship and command and control in the Military Hospitals, which would adversely affect patient in the long run. Hence, there is a need of reconsidering those aspects and keeping the Pay and Grade Pay of MNS Officers distinct from the Service Officers”.

Apparently, the Navy Chief also wanted a piece of action. He in his letter of July 2008, expressed "serious reservations" about commissioned officers "being equated" with Military Nursing Service officers, holding that this will create "functional imbalances" in military hospitals and "impact" patient care. He stressed that some "important course corrections" were needed to "raise the satisfaction level" of the armed forces, which could be done at "minimal cost to the exchequer", such as lowering the Pay and Grade Pay of MNS Officers. The Air Chief avoided all controversies probably, because there was near mutiny in IAF after the V CPC, over the difference in the flying pay between fighter and transport/helicopter streams. The News Paper reports of those days indicated that, he was very much convinced about the need to down grade the MNS cadre.

The Doctors are the most highly paid of the Officer Cadre of the armed forces. The Sixth Pay Commission observed that, “officers belong to the Armed Medical Corps (AMC) are given higher entry level pay scale as compared to other commissioned officers. The initial entry scale recommended by the Fifth CPC for Lieutenant and Captain in the Armed Medical Corps tentamounted to 3 and 4 advance increments respectively. The existing position needs to be maintained. The Commission, accordingly, recommends that Lieutenant of the Army Medical Corps, Army Dental Corps, Remount and Veterinary Corps should be given a start that is 7.5% higher than the minimum of the pay band PB-3 of Rs.15600-39100 along with a grade pay of Rs.5400 attached to the post of Lieutenant. Similarly, Captains in the Army Medical Corps should be given the entry pay that is 10% higher than the minimum of pay band PB-3 of Rs.15600-39100 along with a grade pay of Rs.5700 attached to the post of Captain”. The Doctors from the Civil join the AMC as Captains, that too with a 10% higher fixation and NPA. After four years, they become Major’s and Lt Colonel at just eleven years. They draw the fattest pay package and faster promotion than any other Defence Officer. Whereas the MNS Officers attains the rank of Captain after five years, Major after twelve years and Lt Colonel at twenty years. While considering the direct Captain rank, higher fixation and faster promotion of the Doctors, where is the equality, which the Services Chiefs so much harped on. The equality of the Nurses vis-à-vis Doctors was nothing but a myth created by the Lobbyists to reduce the MNS Officers pay; the dirtiest trick anyone can play. It is the only incident in the history of Pay Commissions that, the head of an organisation has asked to lower its employees pay.

The weak government at the Centre wanted to pacify the fuming Generals. It had sacrificed the Military Nursing Service disregarding the Pay Commission recommendations in order to make the Generals happy. Hence, the Grade Pay and Pay Band (only Lt. Colonel) of MNS Officers is lower than the Service Cadre. The Lobbyists did not stop there, they made the MoD to issue separate Army Instruction for the MNS Officers new scales. In addition, they have not been included in the letter authorizing the revised travel entitlement to Defence Officers. From proposing, the same pay scales to IV CPC in 1986 for MNS Officers and asking the V CPC in 1996 to place them one increment lower, the armed forces have changed a lot. In 2008 after the VI CPC, the Army Chief proposed to lower the Pay Band and Grade Pay of MNS Officers to the level of Civil Nurses (starting at a Grade Pay of Rs 4600, which is equal to a Subedar’s). This is proof enough that the Lobbyists have literally influenced the mindset of the entire armed forces as well as the Government.

Last Heard

The Prime Minister’s Office has announced in Jan 2009 that, the next time onwards there will be a separate Pay Commission for the Defence Forces. That will truly be a ‘Pay Commission by the Generals for the Generals’. I wonder, what will such a Pay Commission do to the MNS Cadre? I sincerely believe that, they will not try to lower them below the Sepoys. However, with the Lobbyists around, nobody can be sure of that. Long live the Lobbyists, this is our Army! Jai Hind.

Lt Col Ramani Natarajan (Retd)


  1. Jyothi5/03/2009

    These are not mere shameful acts, but officially sponsored severe dsicrimination against women in the Indian Army.

  2. Anonymous5/03/2009

    MNS Corps team have brought out so many hidden facts to the public forum. Keep up the good work.

  3. Anonymous5/06/2009


  4. Anonymous5/08/2009

    Indeed MNS officer status has gone down drastically, today the male domination in Indian Army has become very visible. As per the 6th pay commission lady officers have got the extension of 6 months maternity leave, but today when an MNS officer tries to avail this leave, the insulting remarks by the hospital admin staff is that this facility is only for lady army officer and the word MNS is not been mentioned
    How more disgraceful and Disgusting can this get......to.
    Will the Authorities stop treating MNS officers as other ranks and clearly mention that they very much fall in army officers category....?

  5. Anonymous5/08/2009

    Are MNS Officers NOT entitled the 6 mnts maternity leave as per the 6th pay commission????

  6. Let me first urge all of you to make full use this blog by reading every thing in this blog starting from 'statutory, Laws, Rules etc, 'Army/Navy/ Air Force Nurse Corps' and followed by 'News You Can Use (NYU)'. Unless you all does this, you will be pushed around by the members of AMC.

    To claim ones right and what is authorised, every MNS Officers must educate herself about the military law regarding MNS and under stand her undeniable status as a Commissioned Officer of Armed Forces.

    Now regarding Maternity Leave. Before asking this question, you have not done your home work. Read and understand what the MoD letter says (given under 'NYU'. It says that 'Maternity Leave for women officers in Defence Forces'. It does not say AMC, ADC, EME, MNS or any other corps/group/class. It includes all women officers of Defence Forces including those from Air Force, Navy, Army, NCC etc.

    Never go by what others verbally conveys. You all need to apply through proper channel as per the format given under 'NYU'. No application can be rejected without 'writing comments/ reason' by Commandant/CO. Kindly inform any such cases. E-mail copy of such rejected aplication with comments written by the Commandant of your MH (CO Unit) to mnscorps@gmail.com. All those Officers who have applied in writting got it, the ignorant ones like you are just been fooled by the members of AMC.

    Remember 'Maternity Leave' is a women's right, not a privillege granted by the army. It can not be stopped by anyone, including the COAS.

  7. Anonymous5/11/2009

    Thanks for the prompt reply, application for this leave was applied through proper channel, but the registrar/commandant has refused to put down their comments, saying the letter has to come from Army Headquarters and another from DGMS...as they are trying to play safe. Even the PM of hospital have been discouraging staff who are enquring about the leave.
    Her reply is that we are waiting for the letter from Army Headquarters and DGMS...the response from the senior staff like PM and DPM are also so disturbing/discouraging its like they themselves are not in favor of this extended leave given by the Govt...the views are 'how can the hospital function if MNS are on such long leave?'...I guess they have crossed their age to be on the family way ..hence its not of personal interest to them...
    This happened in spite of repeated request to them to put down their comments on the application, now what can a MNS do if their own staff/senior does not support them...???
    you say never go by verbally conveys... what can an MNS do if they refuse to put down their comments ......can she take action against him/her... if so whom should she approach ????
    this army system is so messed up that you if you bypass your senior or take panga.. they will take it personally and make you life miserable by using the rules against you and give you all the work load and make your life hell.
    Should not the head of MNS take notice of such things and take proper action to see that the MNS officer are not be discriminated. Or is it that they are too much bother about their own carrier and just pleasing their seniors to get the next promotion... sorry to say this but the head of MNS should be selfless and fight for the rights of MNS and not look into their own personal growth. It is very clear that the head of MNS will be aware of this situation of maternity leave not been granted to MNS, but why is she keeping mum over this issue and not get it cleared as soon as possible.????..
    GOD Save the MNS.....

  8. Anonymous5/11/2009

    I think you must write to 'National Commission for Women' immediately with the details or a family member can do it for you.

  9. Anonymous5/11/2009


  10. My Dear Officer,

    You are not 'MNS', but an Officer of MNS, be proud of that fact. How does it sound like when an AMC Officer calls himself 'AMC'. He is not AMC, but just a member of AMC or more appropriately an Officer of AMC / AMC Officer. Do not address yourself as MNS and also discourage others from calling you MNS. The proper way to address one is by prefixing rank and followed by name or plainly 'Nursing Officer' or 'Army Nurse'.

    Coming to the issue. If you have time, you may wait for the letter to come from AHQs or get a copy from any other near by military unit. Again apply fresh with a copy of the MoD letter annexed; in the suggested format. Make sure that PM writes on it ‘forwarded’ with date and signature. If this is not possible, hand over the application to an office clerk of your hospital and get his signature with date as received on a photocopy of the application. As a last resort, you may even send it to PM through registered post and keep the receipt. It is sufficient proof.

    If the authorities are still refusing to grant you 180 days maternity leave. Then the next step for you will be an application under Section-27 of Army Act, 1950. (Section-27. Remedy of aggrieved officers. -Any officer who deems himself wronged by his commanding officer or any superior officer and who on due application made to his commanding officer does not receive the redress to which he considers himself entitled, may complain to the Central Government in such manner as may from time to time be specified by the proper authority.)

    How to frame such an application? It is nothing but a personal application in the similar format as the maternity leave application, however, give the title as "APPLICATION UNDER SECTION-27 ARMY ACT, 1950: AGAINST DELAY/RELUCTANCE IN GRANTING 180 DAYS MATERNITY LEAVE ". Now under that heading, elaborate your case fully with dates, names and appointment of people you have approached until then. You may also mention about ‘the harassment you have been facing since you have initially applied and afraid that the mental tension may be harmful to the foetus’.

    Always keep the family members in picture and get their support. There will be many Officers from the MNS fraternity, who try to discourage you. Such people are the spineless ones who are harming the organisation. Just remember, 'standing up for ones rights is not an offence'.

    I assure you, the six months maternity leave is your right as a Women Officer of the Indian Armed Forces. Nobody can lawfully stop you from having it. Forget about, what others will think of you. Unfortunately, the loyalties of many of the senior MNS officers are only towards their AMC bosses. Far from helping the juniors, they try to suppress them.

  11. capt sitarapani5/13/2009

    I am posted at MH kirkee.i was blessed with a son in sept 2008.The letter from MoD states balance ot maternity leave shall be given to all those who have availed only 60 days of ML.But the authorities here seem to be ignorant,although 3 of my batchmates posted in different units have availed the balance of leave.kindly guide me.....

  12. In the suggested format give heading 'PERMISSION TO AVAIL BALANCE OF MATERNITY LEAVE' below that type:

    1. I was granted 60 days maternity from ……………… to ……………... as per the leave policy then in vogue. However, Para 3 (b) of Govt. of India MoD letter No. B/33922/AG/PS-2(b)/943/D(AG) dated 16 Mar 09, says that, “women officers who have joined duty on 01 Sep 08 or thereafter, after availing 60 days Maternity Leave, shall be permitted to avail the balance of Maternity Leave upto 180 days on full pay”.

    2. Accordingly, kindly grant the balance 120 days of Maternity Leave with effect from…………… , as authorized to me as a ‘woman officer in Defence Forces'. Submitted for your consideration and favourable action.

    Keep me informed. Take care, Good luck

  13. Anonymous5/14/2009

    Madam is doing a great service, Thanks

  14. capt sitara5/14/2009

    thank you mam,

  15. shila samuel5/15/2009

    Good Evening Madam...
    this is Capt Shila Samuel from CH(SC)...its regarding the six months maternity leave.
    I was on 60 days maternity leave wef 2 Jan 2009 to 01 March 2009..then proceeded on 60 days annual leave wef 2 March 2009 to 01 May 2009......I appd for 60 days furlough leave but was granted only 15 days till 16 May 2009....I enquired regd VI CPC maternity leave referring to the MOD letter.but was denied saying thats it is not the official order....all other units except at Pune have given the maternity leave for nur offrs based on the MoD letter..........wat to b done in this case?

  16. The copy of the MoD letter can be down load from 'News You Can Use'. The same letter is available in Army Intranet and Air Force net also. You may also try to get a copy from any nearby military unit. The authenticity of the letter is beyond doubt, and is the official order issued by the MoD. The authorities those who are trying to fool you also knows that.

    Apply in the suggested format given above on 13/5/09, and submit to your PM. You must insist that she writes 'whatever remarks' and forwards it to Senior Registrar. If this is not possible, hand over the application to an office staff and get his sign as 'having recieved the application'. As a last resort, you may even send it to PM through registered post and keep the receipt as proof.

    After giving them a reasonable time of ten days, if nothing happens, verbally appraise your PM that you are resorting to 'Statutory Remedy, under Section-27 of Army Act, 1950'. Most probably this is going to force her to move the application up. If nothing happens, do as suggesetd on 12/5/09.

    Unfortunately, the Commandants and Registrars (AMC wallas) are trying to play the MNS Officers against each other. They are playing it very safe, by firing the guns on the shoulders of the PMs. On the event of any repurcussions, they will all wash their hands off by blaming the PM, that she has failed to forward such application. If every PM merely writes "Forwarded", on the application and push it up, no AMC walla will dare to stop any MNS Officer. Because, it may cost them their job.

    Always keep the family members in picture and get their support. There will be many Officers from the MNS fraternity, who try to discourage you. Such people are the spineless ones who are harming the organisation. Just remember, 'standing up for ones rights is not an offence'.

    I assure you, the six months maternity leave is your right as a Women Officer of the Indian Armed Forces. Nobody can lawfully stop you from having it. Forget about, what others will think of you. Unfortunately, the loyalties of many of the senior MNS officers are only towards their AMC bosses. Far from helping the juniors, they try to suppress them.

  17. Anonymous5/16/2009

    Dear Moderator

    Congrats on adding this comment box permitting anonymous comments. This is the way to increase traffic to your blog.

    And I'd like to compliment you on the yeoman's service you have taken up on behalf of the MNS fraternity.

    One can ONLY be subdued if one allows oneself to be subdued ! This is NOT taking 'panga', but standing up for what is rightfully yours !!!

    KUDOS to you and you team.

  18. visitor5/17/2009

    good to see that the mns also has got a blog of their own.. .
    well done,... shows that they are also progressing with the rest of India.

    I am just curious. It appears that the Nurses community of Indian Army wants to be equivalent to the Doctors. Now I dont know of a single place or hospital where this is followed. About the equality of Ladies and Gents. I am sure the Doctors of Indian Army, be lady or gentleman are treated just the same. How can non-equivalence of Doctors and Nurses be equated with equlity of ladies and gentleman, I cannot understand.

    Please give reasons with facts. I hope this community has got people with sufficient knowledge to answer my query.

  19. Visitor5/26/2009

    its a shame that the nurses of Indian army, who claim to be equivalent to any other doctor are scared to start a debate on the very fact. If you truly believe that you are equivalent than please prove it. I still believe that Nurses and Doctors cannot be compared and doctors are always a Notch higher. No insult to Nursing Corps. They are doing a great duty to Nation. But I still dont believe that they are equivalent.

  20. Anonymous5/29/2009

    You are just confused, Madam is not talking about equality of Army Nurses with Doctors. Worldover Nurses and Doctors performs different jobs. Both jobs cannot be equated as done by AMC Doctors of Indian Army (persumably you are one).
    Both professions, though mutually complimentary are different and also requires different skills and qualifications.

    However, curiously Doctors are queing up to do the Nurses job abroad. [Check out - http://www.gmanews.tv/story/105993/When-Pinoy-doctors-become-US-nurses/_/2/] Nowhere, it is not an untouchables job as made out by the AMC.

    In almost all Nations Armed Forces, the Nurses are Commissioned Officers just like anyother officers. It does not mean that a Commissioned Officer Nurse does the job of a Commissioned Officer Doctor, both performs different duties.

    There are no such thing as Nurse-Doctor equality. It exists only in the minds of AMC Doctors. The issue in Indian Army is about the integration MNS as a Corps of regular Army, not equality of Nurses with Doctors. Hopefully Mr Antony in his IInd term, will slam it down the throats of our Generals, like the PC for Women (otherthan medical services).

    Try to be a good doctor who treats all his patients equally, irrespective of whether a PBORs family or a General's wife / an Officer or OR. We will do our bit by Nursing them back to health; offcourse by following your prescription! Together we can look after the health of our armed forces personnel better.

    Never mind what rank we wear, we will still Nurse your Patients and it is a job we want to do with pride. Kindly read more about the Nurse Corps of other Nations and understand the concept. That will remove all your apprehensions.

  21. Anonymous5/30/2009

    I would like to compliment the commenter above, way to go! The news report is as current as 30 May 09. If you are alert and aware, I'm sure you will be successful in your quest for rightful recognition of nursing and nurses.

    A sympathiser for your cause

  22. Anonymous5/30/2009

    Could it please be clarified if there is any monetary benefit for Nursing Officers who have completed B Sc Nursing at own expense from IGNOU ?

    Thank you.

  23. One time grant is given to MNS Officers on completion of 'Service Courses'. You may not be eligible for such a grant after IGNOU PB BSc. However, considering the prestige and value associated with a BSN, go ahead and do it. There are universities offering MBA in Hospital Adminstration (Annamalai, TNOU). You may consider pursuing a MBA after BSN. It will boost your post MNS career options. Motivate other Officers also to do simillar higher studies.

  24. Anonymous6/09/2009

    is the child care leave entitled for a MNS officer?

  25. No Child Care leave is authorised for Women Officers in Defence Forces.

  26. MNS Officers are highly paid than their Civil counter parts. In Civil they start as a Group B post (PB-2 with grade pay 4600). In Army they start on PB-3 with GP 5400. Why should they be paid so much in Army?

  27. Mr Alok seems to be a 'Dhukki' Medical Officer on AMC. To begin with the Doctors in the Army are also higly paid than their Civil counter parts. In Civil they start on PB-3 with grade pay 5400, whereas in Army they start at GP 6100 (direct Capt) and with 10% higher fixation on the pay band. They do not under go SSB interview still they get MSP 6000. That means they are much more benefitted than the Nursing Officers by joining the Army.

    Kindly do your job with sincerity, than cribbing about the Nursing Officers pay scales. If you are professionally so competent why are you continuing in the Army? Your jealousy is originated from your professional incompetence. So many of your fellow AMC Doc's are sufferring from the same decease. If a Doctor knows his job every Nurse will respect him.

  28. Anonymous6/13/2009

    The MNS Officers sitting in higher posts like PM, DDMNS and ADGMNS are so selfish. They are only bothered of their welfare and high perks. They are not bothered of their subordinates. That is the MNS corps is facing the problem. There is not grade pay and PB 4 status for MNS officers that to after rendering 20-21 years long service and more. They are being equivated with the Majors who are simply having 12 years service. This is a curse for the Lt Col (MNS). What is the use of giving such a rank with no monetary benefits. A Maj is getting grade pay of Rs 6100/- and a Lt Col is also getting Rs 6100/- as grade pay. The MNS officers sitting in higher posts are blind and they dont want any welfare for their subordinates, and moreover they dont have any knowledge also. They only know how to take work from them. If they open their mouth how will they get the next promotion.

  29. Anonymous6/18/2009


  30. Anonymous6/21/2009

    Dear Patron, In many hospitals, some of the MNS Officersw are spreading rumour, that from Jun 09 onwards Lt Cols of MNS are being placed in PB-IV, and the same has been conveyed to CDAO by GOI.
    Could you kindly confirm the same.

  31. Anonymous6/27/2009

    Issues of discrimination towards officers of MNS must be brought to the notice of President (she is the first lady supreme commander of armed forces) and the Defence Minister. The present government is taking steps to bring equality to the status of women in society. We have a lady President and lady speaker of Lok Sabha. The govt is also eager to push for reservations for women in parliament. Considering the noble intention of the govt to bring equality to women. The members of MNS must raise their issues during the present tenure of this government.

  32. HS Kang H/O serving Lt Col6/27/2009

    Dear patron, I would like to contribute the following information for the use of MNS Officers & their families in R/O RTI Act 2005, as I believe, knowledge is power :-

    All queries under Right of Information Act must accompany an application stating the type of information required alongwith a DD of Rs 10/- only in favour of GSO-1, RTI Fund payable at New Delhi. You are also requested to attach your proof for being a citizen of India.

    List of PIOs & Appellate Auths
    Subordinate Legislation
    Role of MP- 4 (CIV)

    For any further query (only for RTI Information), pl contact at the following address.
    Additional Directorate General of Army Education
    RTI Cell, G-6, D-1 Wing, Sena Bhawan
    Integrated Headquarter of MoD (Army)
    DHQ PO, New Delhi 110011 Telephone No - 011 23335676





    RTI Cell at IHQ of MoD (i) Appellate Auth - Provost Marshal

    (ii) CPIO (DDG RTI) - DDG AE to perform the duties of DDG RTI in addn to his own duties.

    (iii) PIO (Dir RTI) - One Col from AEC.


    HQs Comd less HQ ARTRAC

    (i) Appellate Auth - COS/ Brig Adm

    (ii) PIO - Brig/Col (Edn)


    Cat 'A' Ests

    (i) Appellate Auth - Dy Comdt/CI

    (ii) PIO - Col GS/Col from AEC

    (d) HQs Corps (i) Appellate Auth - COS/ Brig Adm

    (ii) PIO - Col Edn

    (e) Div HQ (i) Appellate Auth - Dy GOC

    (ii) PIO - SO1/SO2 (Edn)

    (f) Bde HQ (i) Appellate Auth - Dy Cdr

    (ii) PIO - Edn Offr

    (g) Area HQ (i) Appellate Auth - Dy GOC

    (ii) PIO - Col GS

    (h) Sub Area HQ (i) Appellate Auth - Stn Cdr

    (ii) PIO - Col GS

    (j) Regt Centres (i) Appellate Auth - Dy Comdt

    (ii) PIO - GSO-1(Trg)

    (k) Record Offices (i) Appellate Auth - Dy Comdt

    (ii) PIO - CRO/SRO

    The Appellate Authority for Integrated HQ of MoD (ARMY) is as under
    Provost Marshal
    Adjitant General's Branch
    Integrated Headquarter of MoD (Army)
    DHQ PO, New Delhi 110011 Telephone No - 011 23018868

  33. Anonymous7/01/2009

    dear madam,i am writing this as my last hope for justice from you.i am a serving nursing officer who had to undergo a very bad episode of domestic voilence.i was badly abused and hit by my bro-in law who is also an army officer.although fir was lodged and formal signal went from my unit as i suffered mild conductive hearingloss for which i was i was even admitted,but my husband left me and my bro-in-law got posted out using all crooked means.my neighbours were wittness to all this,but now i stand no where as my husband wrote to all concerned athorities that i am ready for a compromise,which is not true.
    kindly guide me what to do.i have a 9 month old baby n my old parents to look after...i find it very difficult to cope with the mental trauma i am going throuh.hope you will understand n help me.

  34. I am consulting my legal aid. I will reply by 05/7/09 2000 hrs. Be brave

  35. HS Kang7/04/2009

    Dear patron, girls suffering from domestic voilence can file complaint under Domestic Voilence Act 2007 or can register online complaint with NCW as per U/M format.

    The Complaints and Counseling Cell of the commission processes all the complaints whether received orally, written or suo moto under Section 10 of the NCW Act.

    The complaints received relate to domestic violence, harassment, dowry, torture, desertion, bigamy, rape, refusal to register FIR, cruelty by husband, deprivation, gender discrimination and sexual harassment at work place.

    The complaints are dealt with as below :-

    Investigations by the police are expedited and monitored.
    The matters are brought to the notice of various state authorities to facilitate action.
    Family disputes are resolved or compromised through counseling.
    As per the 1997 Supreme Court Judgment on Sexual Harassment at Workplace, ( Vishakha Vs. State of Rajasthan ) every employer is required to provide for effective complaints procedures and remedies including award of compensation to women victims. In sexual harassment complaints, the concerned organisation is urged to expedite cases and the disposal is monitored.
    For serious crimes, the Commission constitutes an Inquiry Committee which makes spot enquiries, examines witnesses, collects evidence and submits
    the report with recommendations. The implementation of the report is monitored by the NCW.
    The Commission has powers to summon the accused, witnesses and records to facilitate inquiry.
    The State Commissions, the NGOs and other experts are involved in these efforts.

  36. HS Kang7/04/2009

    The format for online registration of complaint with NCW is as under :- Complaint Registration


    Name of the Complainant
    Address of the Complainant
    Email of the Complainant
    Phone Nos of the Complainant (with STD Codes)
    Victim: Whether the Complainant is the Victim? Yes | No

    Name of the Victim
    Address of the Victim
    Email of the Victim
    Phone Nos of the Victim (with STD Codes)
    Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)

    Name of the accused
    Address of the accused

    Nature of the Complaint
    Whether Complaint against NRI
    Date of Incident (DD/MM/YYYY)
    Complaint in Detail

  37. Hats Off to u ma'm for doing such a commendable job

  38. Anonymous8/20/2009

    Please reply whether there is any move in the Govt. to grant PB-4 to Military Nurses.

    Lt Col Kalpana

  39. Anonymous10/03/2009

    namaskar madame,

    excellent job you are doing .keep it up!!!!

    please let me know after how many years of service the nursing officer can retire with full pension???? many confusing answers regarding this.

    to say precisely---- 1990 commissioned nursing officer wants to resign .please let me know when can she be eligible to put up her paper so that she gets full pension.

    arjun khanna

  40. Dear Madam,
    kindly tell us whether time scale promotion like other officers is approved for Nursing Officers as well, as it was recommended by 6th CPC.

  41. Anonymous10/25/2009

    Dear madam,
    Hats off- to you for this bold attempt. I am an ex mns officer who was forced to abscond, merely after 4 years of service. Many a times I felt like blasting myself against the rotten system...descriminations, the uniform issues and so on it goes.
    I came across your blog by chance. But I'm extremely happy to see that there is atleast a a medium through which the officers can discuss their issues and clarify their doubts. My journo friends says that they are aware of the boiling issues within, and they would like to bring it to light; but they need someone to vouch for it as there is much less scope for them to access the inroads of military corridors.
    God Bless you

  42. Anonymous11/13/2009

    I think some senior MNS officers like PM, DDMNS and ADGMNS are not interested in the welfare of the Corps since being selfish they are not raising the voice against injustice. Why they are not taking up the issue of granting Pay in PB-4 to Lt Cols of the MNS Corps. If they can equal upto Major then what is problem with Lt Col.

  43. Capt S .Jain
    I was commissioned in 1998 from M H Secunderabad as granted short service commission. In 2003 I was given five years extension & in 2008 .I was given 4 years extension which is going to finish in 2012. I want to know how I can get permanent commission. Kindly help me out; I am very much in need of this service .I will be highly grateful for your kind deed.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  44. A SS Offr would be condsidered for PC for maximum of three times in her parent branch of medical services,i.e, in AMC, MNS or AD Corps. You have not mentioned about the no. of times you were considered till date. Any how, please contact
    AHQs on 011 23093339 / 23094762 for further details.

  45. I have myself been a defence Officer and let me say honestly that Indian Military Officers are biggest hypocrates and most corrupt personnels, given a chance.They live on false belief that they are the best.
    Look at the cases involving so many Generals in corruption and sexual cases.The service chiefs after retirement wanna become Governors of states/UT's.

    All are busy in making money are exploiting government resources for thier personal use

  46. Anonymous12/17/2009

    Is there some new rule or regulation or authority for addressing MNS Offrs as 'Members of MNS'?

  47. Addressing the Officers of MNS as 'members of mns' is to stop acknowledging their 'commissioned officer' status. It is not incorrect to address even the DGAFMS as 'member of AMC'. So all give it back in the same coin. start addressing the doc's as emembers of 'amc'

  48. Anonymous12/27/2009

    why amc members are having identity crisis? they are aquating themselves with MNS officers. to show their identity they always carry stethoscope around their neck, whether they are surgeons or Dentists.

  49. Anonymous1/03/2010

    Nursing officers need encouragement and support. The job is not easy. How many of u will send your own daughter to such far away places, where she cannot even come and have a look at her dying mother on her own will? A nursing officer is as disciplined as any other defence personnel, sometimes even more. There are incidents when commandants request the PM to post a nsg offr where he suspects some malpractice. They work side by side with doctors, not above or below. They spent more time with patients and hence their observations and reports are vital for diagnosis and treatment. It is like asking whose job is less important in the house, father's or mother's. But of course father is a man!!! The problem started from the family itself. So it has to be sorted out right from that level. Women should grow up. PMs should not suppress nursing officers, allow them to function peacefully and support them in need. Nsg officers must take PM in to confidence and the PMs shold be aware of the rights not only the duties.

  50. Pushpendra Chouhan1/03/2010

    Dear Madam,

    I have been regularly subscribing the valuable comments being offered by the learned and alert readers of the mnscorps blog.

    However, I would like to bring one point to your kind notice that everybody is asking for PB-4 (what the Govt has not given so far).

    But, no body is coming forward to get what the Govt. of India and Pay Commission together have given by way of Gazette Notification dt. 30.08.08 point no. 9 (i.e. equivalent time promotion upto Lt Col as already available to service officers in 13 years and 3 % is to be given at every promotions). Nothing more is left after the Gazette Notification has been issued.

    Even, Dy. Director of DGMS has informed in one RTI enquiry that they have informed that they haverecommended Capt in 3 years, Major 8 years and Lt Col in 15 years.

  51. Anonymous1/07/2010

    every body out there.... .....its not about nurse-doctor equality.. its some doctor's insecurity and pride which make you guys behave in this strange manner...
    nurses are backbone of the hospital... As Nursing Officers...we want to serve our country.... with the best we can.... jai hind...

  52. Anonymous2/10/2010

    be bold and fight for your rights

  53. Anonymous3/18/2010


    I have completed my B.Sc Nursing from Rajiv Gandhi University of health science,Bangalore.
    i would like join the Indian Army .so Please tell
    me how to apply and what are the necessary document.


  54. Anonymous3/19/2010

    im loving this service...n alwayz felt proud to b a part of it...thumps up to u mam for providing this platform.

  55. Anonymous4/13/2010

    madam now that the armed forces tribunal has clearly directed the central govt to treat mns officers at par wit oters kindly let us know weter we will get pay band iv and time scle col rank or not

  56. Anonymous4/28/2010

    Dear madam
    I would like to thanks to all the senior Nsg officers those who have opened this chanel for the communication.
    I am a regular Nsg officer with 19 years of seniority. Madam I am ashamed to breif the harashment we nursing officer undergo at the hands of our own senior matrons. The PM office is never congenial and pleasant to approach for even asking duties. Always arrogant attitude is seen within the matrons. Even ever any nursing officer goes for asking for days off they only reply that U all do not work and come here only for asking days off.Regarding leave,the privilage is given by Govt.but it appears that these matrons or PMs are running their own private hospitals and we nursing officers are their slaves,they literally use abuseive language and chases us out from the office. For filling the leave and getting leave form becomes an mental agony for each nursing officer. Another Sin we nursing officers have done by joining this most harshed services that we nursing officers often fall sick because of our very long and irregualar working hours and not getting proper No of days off. First of all these PMs and matrons in the office they do not allow nursing officer to go for sick report. If they manage to go they make the commandant or Sr. Registrar to tell the Medical officer in the MI room not to give sick in quarter to the nursing officer. If at all their sickness is such that they need rest it would be given and their days off will be cut. PMs and matrons always abuses nursing officers and say they cannot run the hospitals and they have shortage of staff. For the instances we would like to quote the names of such senior nursing officers Brig (Rtd) Kunjuamma Thomas,this lady called nursing officers prostitute in herfarewel party which was given by Brig (Rtd) M Padmini,and dear padmini including all adm staff did not stopped using such words
    Brig (Rtd) M Padmini,Col(Rtd) Nancy Ezakiel,Col Mariam,Lt col Prema Adm matron in Pune,. This Padmini has harshed the nursing officers to that extent that one of them even commited sucide.But see that ,She became DDMNS and Brig ,and look at the father's plight who lost his daughter and she was stigmatised that she was pregnant.
    Madam this is our Nursing corp and this is plight of Us. Can in future we have hope that our matrons will be sensitised with human touch. Will ever our long and irregular working hours will improve. This kind of irregular working hours have caused and are causing lots of marital disharmony and Nursg officers are bearing mental trauma even at domestic front.Money and status is not every thing but it is essential for the living. I hope this gives the due informations to all those young Nurses who aspire to join the services and to their parents. Do not see only the brighter side but look other sides which are more pain ful when your daughter is crying and not eating food has good amount of money.
    PMs and Adm matrons are shame less ladies with crulety in their heartsand then how one can hope for happiness when happiness does not exist in their own junior girls. Madam can we hope for the change in near future.

  57. Anonymous5/15/2010

    @annonymous dtd 28/4

    Todays PM's and Adm Matrons were yesterday's LTs Maj's. They treat yu just the way they were treated by their good old adm matrons and PM's and yu shall also do the same when yur time comes. so, dont worry. May be, things can change for good, if sensitive people like yu start doing some management or administration courses and tell yurself I shall not treat the young ones like the way I was treated. I shall manage scientifically keep the services interest in mind and the welfare of my subordinates. Will yu please do this, Madam

  58. Anonymous5/15/2010

    @ Annonymous 4/28/2010

    Madam, I guess yu a r a very sensitive lady. but hey, just the way yu preferred to be anonymous, please understand that yu have no rights to malign yur superiors by taking their names in an open platform like this. in every organisation, there would be ppl like this, but mind it, they have the interest of the service in their mind. yu, as an indl might be hurt with their high handedness, but thats life. please respect others and mam, cheer up . Save all the money and ensure that yur daughter doesn't join this profession in future. thats in yur hands.

  59. Anonymous5/23/2010

    dear annonymous dated 4/28/2010
    what is the interest of the services. Nursing officers do not belong to the services. Are the services can be rendered only keeping the interest in the mind. Demotivation can never achieve high standard for any profession. Look at your self and your thoughts which spoke your mind and reflected your thoughts that how a MNS officer talks like" save money for your daughter so that she does not join this profession" Let the the people be aware after reading this how MNS officers are grommed for the future by their seniors.

  60. TO the nursing officer who posted this blog


    Iam an army doctor , and i have faced the difficulties of a nurse not following my clinical orders jus because i was an intern and a lieut.
    Now how come some one do this, doctor is always the doctor and nurse is nurse, their jobs are symbiotic...aimin at well being of the patient.
    and nothing more.

    And this negligence resulted in that patient going into shock overnite..now who will justify such gross medical negligence jus becos of someones stupid ego.

    Posting such inflammatory articles on public forums will do no good other than malign the working attitude of newly joined army nurse..which inturn will affect the one thing for which we are all here...the well being of the patient...the one by which we all have taken our oaths ,,,jai hind!

  61. TO the nursing officer who posted this blog


    Iam an army doctor , and i have faced the difficulties of a nurse not following my clinical orders jus because i was an intern and a lieut.
    Now how come some one do this, doctor is always the doctor and nurse is nurse, their jobs are symbiotic...aimin at well being of the patient.
    and nothing more.

    And this negligence resulted in that patient going into shock overnite..now who will justify such gross medical negligence jus becos of someones stupid ego.

    Posting such inflammatory articles on public forums will do no good other than malign the working attitude of newly joined army nurse..which inturn will affect the one thing for which we are all here...the well being of the patient...the one by which we all have taken our oaths ,,,jai hind!

  62. your comment will be visible after approval...i hope the moderator of this blog will show some courage and stand up for the truth!

  63. Anonymous7/07/2010

    hi this is Capt Varun Bajaj RMO 2/11 GR ..i would just like to fortify the fact that the quality of service as far as mns is concerned is far superior vis a vis civilian nurses.. not to mention as a corps the sense of duty is well instilled into them ..in my service so far of 3 yrs i havent seen a single male AMC officer not paying compliments or abusing anyone rather they have been teaching us to be well behaved n be grateful and if possible learn something from you...times are changing we live in a professional world now time for egos to be sidestepped now

  64. Anonymous8/10/2010

    Madam, i am MNS officer having a six month baby my husband is also govt. emp. serving in different dept. next 10 days i am going to join after ML AND EL of this year 2010.MADAM after joining can i request for CHILD CARE LEAVE.

  65. RAJEEV8/28/2010

    madam, please can you advise about the child care leave for MNS OFFICERS,

  66. Anonymous8/30/2010

    Dear madam by chance i came upon this blog and thousand kudos to u i m a nursing officer posted in (nc) i wud like to know is any new cadre review coming for us

  67. Anonymous8/30/2010

    Now i am in UAE working as NURSE in NICU.

  68. Anonymous9/15/2010


    I suddenly came upon this blog... was looking for an outlet..
    I am an Ex-MNS Officer now working in the corporate business booming Medical world.

    1. We are nurses and will be nurses till the day we die.I love my profession and would not trade it for any other one...Believe you me! I have tried a transition, but the job satisfaction is nil.It is a very dedicated profession and only few are called to this noble cause.If what I state is true then, I myself stand to defer, that this is not the scene anymore.
    Gone are the sponge trays.....the TPR trays ..the back care.. the mouth washes, the making of beds, and so on and so forth.Is Nursing only about Documentation,Injections and recording BP ? In this age of computers, documentation is limited...so that leaves us all the more time to "NURSE" our patients.

    2.It is a pity to see all these, back breaking, Nursing procedures as we were taught with so much pride by our Sr. Tutors like Capt(Miss) Pritam Kaur, being done by the attendents or PCA's (patient Care Assistants).

    3.B.Sc Nurse..is a Nurse.. tell me how many of them are actually making nursing care plans after they have finished their training?They should actually...!!!

    4.Yes! The MNS Officer may get acquainted with the fast changing trends in the medical world, rather than get caught up in administrative problems... which are best sorted out by the Administrators.When I was in the services I found myself stagnating in the protocol which allowed me to have a sense of achievement but I was actually deviating from my true Vocation.

    5.It may be suggested that regular refresher courses should be arranged for the General Duty Nursing Officer by visiting teams of Nursing Specialists so that their work does'nt become monotonous and they are aware of the outside world.

    6.I pray that you continue to live upto the standards that our forerunners of The MNS have paved the path to "SERVICE WITH A SMILE" and the KNOWLEDGE that come only from 'GOD' above.

  69. Anonymous9/19/2010

    can a mns officer becomae a doctor plz reply if so whats the procedure

  70. hai
    mns in pune is too bad.. even they wont allow them to marry after a year also.. is it good for all?is there humanity?please understood the feelings of others.. even wont allow to resign their job after 1 or 2 year. you giving pay are you giving attention on mns peoples?
    be treat atleast as patient in ur hospitals. we are humans. food not good.. wont allow to marraige what is this and all? is this human rights?please dont spoil others life here after..

  71. Maj Chandni Chacko3/10/2011

    I am a 36yrs old unmarried MNS officer.By fate of bad luck my marriage proposal was called off thrice and now I might be getting married in the month of july to an Army officer.I got my posting to SFF hospital to be in position by 11 apr 11 and was very happy since my fiance also managed a posting to the unit in chakrata.
    All of a sudden to my utter dissappointment I received a signal today saying that my posting was changed to MH Namkum.\I have no God fathers in Army to speak on my behalf.I am extermely disappointed.Kindly help


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Nurse-General & Staff. Is our top brass suffering from selective blindness ?

Nurse-General & Staff. Is our top brass suffering from selective blindness ?
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