"There is no such thing as 'Nurse-Doctor equality'. It exists only in the 'wildest imaginations of some AMC Docs'. The only issue is 'integration of Military Nursing Service as a Corps of regular Army'; not equating Nurses with the Doctors". : Anonymous Reader


The Officers of MNS will remember General Deepak Kapoor as the Chief, who believed in the down gradation of the Military Nursing Service to improve the image of Officer Cadres of the Army. The VI pay commission recommended the same pay and status to all officer cadres of the army including the MNS. The Gen Kapoor used his political clout and made the Government to lower the pay and status of MNS Cadre as compared to the rest of the officer cadres. He refused to accept the fact that MNS Officers are also commissioned officer; in all likelyhood acted on the behest of some AMC top brass. It is no secret that the Army Docs hold the key to 'Senior Officers promotions', due to their power of make or break with the mandatory 'Medical Fitness Certificate'. May be it was 'pay-back time' for Deepak Kapoor. Any how, his actions to mollify some AMC Doc did more damage to MNS than the former DGAFMS, Vice Admiral VK Singh's tantrums.

Now a little back ground of this nurse basher ‘gentleman officer’ ! Some of our senior officers have been proven to be involved in cases of moral turpitude, pouring tomato ketchup to claim fake encounters and transporting tankers filled with water instead of diesel or petrol. But the irregularities committed by this ‘gentleman officer’ came to light only after he became the Chief.

The Comptroller and Auditor-General report censured General Kapoor for making frivolous purchases like bush-cutters and grass cutting machines during his tenure as Northern command general officer in commanding in chief. When
Lt Gen Panag succeed Gen Kapoor as the Northern Command Chief, he ordered an inquiry into purchase of tents, worth Rs 5 crore. These were for troops who, surprisingly, had already left the deployment position. Orders were cleared by Gen Deepak Kapoor. He had ruled out tendering and placed direct orders. There was no emergency either. “Panag smelt a rat and immediately ordered an inquiry. When Panag went on his cleansing mission, too many felt the heat. Finally Gen Kapoor shunted him out from Northern Command to the Lucknow-based Central Command. Thus has the Indian Army’s gurus managed to silence a whistle blower. Gen Kapoor’s message was clear; ‘do not try to fight corruption’!

In the recent
Sukhna land scam, Gen Kapoor initially recommended administrative action against his close aide, Military Secretary Lt Gen Avadesh Prakash who retired from the service on January 31. Prakash was one of the eight principal staff officers (PSOs) at the Army Headquarters who acts as an advisor to the Army Chief. Earlier, in December 2009, the Eastern Army Command chief, Lt. Gen. V.K. Singh, had recommended a summary dismissal for Prakash. It was reportedly learnt that General Kapoor went soft on Lt Gen Prakash as they shared many secrets. Gen Kapoor earlier stated that tough actions would be initiated against any wrongdoings in the Army. However, under severe pressure by the Defence Minister A K Antony, he made a volte-face and ordered Court Martial proceedings on 29 Jan 10 against Prakash. The old genaration Chiefs like Thimmaya or Sam Manekshaw would have resigned from the Army Chief’s post rather than reversing his own decision.

The Sukhna land scam report also recommended initiating proceedings against Lt. Gen. P.K. Rath, whose appointment as deputy chief of army staff has been scrapped by the Defence Ministry. The proceedings of the Court Martial will also be initiated against Lt. Gen P K Rath, and Maj. Gen P C Sen, who were also allegedly indicted by the CoI report. According to top Defence Ministry Sources, “Army has been always forth coming in taking action against any wrong-doing in the services and Army Chief has recommended action against Generals implicated by Court of Inquiry.” But, the general percetion is that the Defence Ministry erred by elevating a tainted 'gentleman officer' to the post of Chief. I certainly agree; it was indeed done at a great cost to the Militray Nursing Service and to a less extent to the image of the Army.

Many of the 'scamster officers' will get away with minor punishments. But the collective effect of the punishment meted out to the around ten thousand serving and retired officers of MNS by Gen Kapoor; will be harsher than, any the Army Act can ever award. He cheat them of their hard earned pay and pension! I wonder, what was the ‘guna’ Gen Kapoor, alleged on the three thousand plus serving officers of the MNS, when he made the MoD to lower their pay and status ?
  • Col Soumya Chaterjee (Retd)


  1. Anonymous2/15/2010

    This is ridiculous, like many indian households. Husband wants the wife to do everything for him, at the same time children will demand her attention, in-laws, servant, you name them. She will run around and fulfill each and every demand.... No appreciation, sometimes complaints, sometimes scolding,... but no appreciation. This is exactly the situation in a busy ward in any military hospital. The Nursing Officer is held responsible for each and everything, but her hard work is not recognised. People are taking advantage of women's soft nature here also. I wonder how long this will continue.

  2. Dear Col Soumya Chaterjee, Wonderfully brought-out, but are you aware that this "GENTLEMAN' is 'hard of of hearing'
    Don't worry his wrongs are comingout, when he is still in chair, as far his resigning on moral ground, question does not arise, people like him if given a chance may even seek re-employment. God has to bless him to get over curses of thousands of officers of MNS.

  3. Anonymous2/17/2010

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Nation remembers the Nightingales: 01st October - ...":

    It is brought to your kind notice that Maj Gen MNS was extended fitment benefit of MSP at the time of their promotions in Gazette Notifiction dt. 30.08.08 (at S.No. 8 page no. 7 and SAI 2/S/2008dt. 11.10.08[at Para 4(b) and Para 8(c)]. Whereas, at paras 8(a) and 8(b) of SAI 2/S/2008 dt. 11.08.2008 other Service Officers have been extedned the same fitment benefit of MSP at thetime their promotions from Brig. to Maj General. This fitment benefit will enhance the basic pay at the time of promotion and will also be beneficial for pension purposes.

    However, Maj. Gen. MNS is the only officer who has been denied the Fitment benefit of MSP by way of Corrigendum to SAI dt. 6th Jan 2009 by deleting both the Paras at 4(b) and Para 8(c). This is going to lower her monthly salary (More than 5000 per month)and pension benefit to the Maj. Gen MNS only. However, Paras 8(a) & 8(b) for other service officers has not been deleted.

    Similarly Grade Pay of Hon. Captain and Capt. MNS were given 5700 in Pay Gazette Notificaiton. However, the Grade pay of Hon. Captain has been increased to Rs. 6100 vide Corigendum resolution dt. 24.09.2008( all SAI orders are avaiable at www.exsainikwelfare.blogspot.com). If MNS Captain is given Rs. 6100 Grade Pay . Then the disparity of grade pay for Maj. Col. Brig. Maj. Gen. MNS would automatically get resolved. Right now, Lt Col, Col & Brig are also loosing in salary and pension due to Grade pay disparity the same may go in 2 to 3 lakhs over coming years. Many Central Govt. officers have got the issues resolved in similar matter (www. G-Connect).

    This matter needs to be addressed in written/legal representation otherwise it will be too late. I, also being, family member of MNS officer would like to join in legal representation. The matter needs factual reporting to Defence Minister also in writing because the decision of the Govt. having already been taken is being denied in deceptive and clandestine manner. It is not a matter of money but a matter of injustice and deception.

    Mahatma Gandhi also said “ If you don’t ask, you do not get”

    Yours Sincerely.

  4. Anonymous2/17/2010

    respect can be gained by good deeds ,not by force.If you are nurse ,be proud .Don't worry they( AMC) dont have anything else to do, besides status .They are worse ,they forget INDIAN ARMY owns them.So they should serve the mankind rather then running around uniform ofMNS.

  5. Anonymous2/17/2010

    be bold and fight for your rights

  6. Anonymous2/17/2010

    respect can be gained by good deeds ,not by force.If you are nurse ,be proud .Don't worry they( AMC) dont have anything else to do, besides status .They are worse ,they forget INDIAN ARMY owns them.So they should serve the mankind rather then running around uniform ofMNS.

  7. Sunny Kumar2/17/2010

    Dear readers, some goods facts of the decision of the Govt. of India is brought to your kind notice, because it will help you to get the implementation of time bound promotions done( by way of legal representation). PB-4 not provided to Lt. Col. of MNS Officers by the Govt therefore the same is not discussed here. It is being provided just too boost up the moral of the cadre and to share some more positive things.
    The report of 6th CPC recommends both the things in r/o MNS officers in entire single para 2.3.21 under the heading of Pay Fixation & career progression of MNS officers.
    1. Benefit of Pay fixation (equal to 2.5%) on par with all other categories of employees be allowed to the Officers of MNS cadre.
    2. The scheme of time bound promotions upto the level of Lt. Col. , already available to the Service Officers, should be extended(it does not say may be extended) to the MNS officers.
    Now we may come to S.No. 9 page no.7 of the Gazette Notification dt. 30.08.08 of 6th CPC. The heading at S.No. 9 is stated as “ PAY FIXATION AND CAREER PROGESSION of MNS OFFICERS”. Under this heading both the aforesaid recommendations of 6th CPC are written and both the things have been accepted by the Govt.of india in its decision in front of it. This clearly defines that Career progression (up Lt Col) with regard to MNS officers and their increment at pay fixation are finally decided by the Govt.
    In addition, the aforesaid Notification at Para no. 1E of Page No. 2 , Para 5 and its Ann-I & Ann-II of the same notification defines the category of officers of defence and MNS officers have been defined in all these Paras (1E & 5) and Annexure-I & II. This is the decision approved by the Union Cabinet.
    Therefore it is requested that please go through above paras and Annxures of the Gazette dated 30.08.08 and then decide where is the confusion!

  8. Sunny Kumar2/17/2010

    Dear readers, it is brought to kind notice of the all the latest decision of the Govt. of India can be seen in the Gazette Notifications dt. 30.08.08 of the 6ht CPC in Para 5 which says clearly defines that officers of the Armed forces and catagory have been defined in the Annexure I & Annexure II of the said notificaiton. This is the settled and latest position after (01.01.2008) in respect of MNS officers. The decision has been taken by the Govt. of India and it is could again be got clarified from any learned Advocate. So there is nothing disheartening please cheer up. MSP again has been given in this regard. The Gazette Notificairon is very much available on MNSCorps.Com the same could be downloaded from site.

    The evidence that the Union cabinet has taken the decision and thereafte the Notification dt. 30.08.08 has been issued(Settled position).

    MNS officers are Army Officers as per decision of the Govt of India dated 30.08.08 in para 5 of the notification.

  9. Anonymous2/21/2010

    i think that mns has the best of both worlds. they get the same pay and perks as doctor and have lesser responsiblities than a doctor in diagnosis. in the present state being a MNS nurse is better than a AMC doctor , since being nurse i get same pay with lesser responsiblites.

  10. Maj Sarita2/23/2010

    I think she (comment above)is a confused soul. The statement MNS Nurse & AMC Docs drawing same pay is incorect. AMC docs start as 'Capt' with Rs 6100 grade pay, 10% higher placing on pay band, Rs 6000 MSP and 25% NPA. Whereas MNS nurses begin with Rs 5400 GP, Rs 4200 MSP and nothing else. In the minimum of scales there is a difference of aprox. Rs 14000. That means Docs get around 40% higher starting pay than the nurses.

    Now see the promotion. Docs:- Capt - on joining, Maj - 4 yrs, Lt Col - 11 yrs, Col - 14 yrs (select) Nurse:- Capt - 5 yrs, Maj - 12 yrs, Lt Col - 20 yrs, Col - 28 yrs
    Strength of Docs: 6000, Nurses: 3000 (appx), that is 2:1, now compare that with general offr ranks they hold;

    Ranks - Docs: Lt Gen or Eq - 09,
    Maj Gen or Eq - 38, Brig or Eq - 135

    Nurses: Lt Gen - nil, Maj Gen - 01, Brig - 16.

    For your information, there is no Nursing Service for Navy and Air Force. Even the Administrative positions of Nursing in Comd HQs and Air/ Naval HQs in these sister organisations are occupied by AMC Docs attached to these forces. They call it secondment.

    The effect; they have a DGMS (Lt Gen or Eq Rank) for Army, Navy and Air Force. Every post is in efect trippled for Docs, creating the higher apointments for so many of the useless AMC Docs.

    Infact it is the best service for the doctors in our country (considering that only less than the brightest join forces). Not only that, it is the best of the Officer Cadre; considering the fat pay, fastest promotion, largest no. of Gen Offr appointments.

    All these coupled with 'no SSB interview' for selection, no Military Training worth its name to undergo after joining, very low risk but full MSP Rs 6000,Nil accountability towards patients (always blames the NURSES)and chance to do PG. Maximum retirement benefits as the NPA gets added.

    Now tell me where the MNS Officers stand? Kindly think before you speak!

  11. Pushpendra Chouhan2/23/2010

    Dear Madam,
    It is also informed that there is still anamoly in the Grade Pay of Col (MNS)To Maj General(MNS). There exist no Grade Pay of Rs. 7600 in PB-4(Neither in Civil Deaprtment nor in Armed Forces in India). For the sake of argument ,if it is to be kept at one step lower to aviod Command control related problems ,even then it should have been Rs. 8000 for Col and so on owards.

    The Grade Pay of Maj General or Addittional Director General in Civil Side is no where below Rs. 10,000.This matter should have been brought to the notice of the Anamoly Committe set up by the Central Govt. to clear the Anamoly arosed due to 6th CPC recomendation. The Anamoly Committee has cleared various anamoly in various Central Govt. on representations made by staff side(Site G-Connect ). However, it seems that no representation has been made from MNS officers' side in this regard. The term of the Anamoly Committee is likely to be over very soon.
    Therefore, the matter may be taken up before it is too late.

  12. P Chauhan2/23/2010

    The Central Administrative Tribunal, Cuttuck has given land mark decision in favour of Customs & Central Excise Inspectors on 24.11.2009 extending the benefit of enhanced pay w.e.f. 01.01.1996 in view of IVth & Vth Pay Commission and directing the Govt. to give/pass reasoned order with in 60 days from the date of recipt of this order.

    May I take the privilege to share this judgment with viewer of your blog (Order Attached).

  13. Anonymous3/05/2010

    Is there any opportunity for an ex service- Capt MNS to join back to service, already continued in Nursing service with higher educations too, being MSN, PGDNA at present

  14. Anonymous3/06/2010

    See talking and blogging is not going to help but we have to fight it out till the end, for your kind information, there are 3 heros working for the cause of MNS cader, 3 BIG representations have been sent by them to all the relevant authorities,
    very soon i am going to inform the next course of action we have to take. keep watching, whatever has been done by COAA is criminal in nature and he has to face the LAW,

  15. We appreciate your efforts. There shall be only one goal that is formation of an 'Army Nurse Corps', just like any other corps of Army. Till such time a Nurse Corps (in what ever name) is formed in Indian Army the issues like pay and status would keep coming.

    Why don't we all fight together for the common goal! Just like the Women Officers who won their case for PC in Delhi high court.

    The URL of the news is http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics/nation/Women-officers-in-Forces-win-historic-battle/articleshow/5678745.cms

    We shall all join together and fight the injustice pertaining to pay commission and more(by sharing litigation charges and unifying the efforts). Together, we would be a force to recon with.

    The possible areas are:

    1. Differences in grade pay, even after pay commission recommended same GP for 'all officer cadres including MNS'.

    2. Not granting PB-4 to 'LT Col MNS' is not justified as PC said only that "MNS Cadre is not ptimarily meant for combat duties", "so as rest of the other women officers" - the Govt on several occassions asserted that "women officers are not primarily meant for combat duties", just as the 6th pay commission commented in the case of MNS Cadre.

    3. Exception given under MNS Ordinance 1943, to Women Officers Serving in MNS regarding certain sections of Army Act 1950, (dealing with offences) as women were then considered (in 1943) in capable of committing such offences. Now as the other Women Officers' are fully subject to AA (as now that women are considered capable of committing such offences), this exception given to MNS cadre in 1943 is not justified in the present circumstances. If this clause (Section - 9, MNS Ordinance 1943) is struck down in all effect MNS will become a 'regular corps' like any other corps of the army. And the MoD will be forced to notify MNS as a regular corps of army.

  16. Anonymous3/27/2010

    this article is in bad taste. im surprised that the so called nursing"officer" who calls herself a "colonel" can spew such venom in such roadside language in a public forum against their parent organisation. ITS A SHAME AND PEOPLE WILL LOSE ALL THEIR RESPECT FOR U IF U DONT DELETE THIS.

  17. Capt Neha3/27/2010

    He (comment above) is sure among the corrupt ones. other wise how can he support such a Chief?

    Madam's rank of 'Col' is granted by the President of India just like your's.

    Your comment about respect to Nursing Officers is the joke of the year ! Where were you hiding in 2004, when we lost our OG dress ?

    And more recently, when Army & Navy Chiefs co-ordinated their attacks to reduce MNS pay scales, where was your sence of justice ?

    Remember you and your Deepak Kapoor and other MNS bashers will be dumbed by your own children in some MH one day ! Even the Sepoy's won't give you a second look. But still we won't be bothered about your "so called respect".

    On your death bed abandoned by every one you now "respect" and love, we will still care for you ! And that is what the Army Nurses are for - selfless service. And people like you are biting the hands that cares !

  18. col mukesh sharma4/07/2010

    Dear Col Soumya,
    Heartening to see:-
    Wednesday, April 7, 2010
    MNS Officers entitled to service privileges of regular officers : AFT
    In a well reasoned decision, the Hon’ble Principal Bench of the AFT has held that MNS officers are also commissioned officers and are authorised to the privileges of their respective ranks.

    The decision comes in the backdrop of the refusal of authorities to allow a Major General of the MNS from sporting stars and flying a flag on her official car.

    The order has settled the controversy once and for all, but the issue makes one wonder as to why were stars and flags refused to such officers in the first place ? When an officer is holding a particular military rank, then it makes no sense to deny the ceremonial ancillaries of the same. It is the rank that is entitled to such privileges and not the service or the person who is wearing that uniform. When there is no bar on sporting the ‘stars’ on the collars, then in my humble opinion there should be no reason as to why a bar should exist on sporting the same very stars on the car !.
    After this the operation to get MNS Lt Col in PB-4 can be launched, more so because NURSE BASHER GENERAL is out

  19. T.P.Krishna Kumar, A well wisher of Defence4/08/2010

    Dear Readers,
    These All problems have born and brought up out of unhealthy egos and ignorance of some envious AMC officers and top administrative officers in the Armed Forces. The same has been grown up because of the cllous attitude and inefficiancy of the Senior Nursing Officers decorating the higher administrative positions in the branch.Basically these innocent nursing officers have lot of duties and responsibilities in their duty place. If somebody analyses their duty specifications, they are bound to act more than a doctor in many instances. Many wise and gentle Doctors take clinical decisions only after a thorough discussion with an experienced Nursing Officer in the Ward.

    Keeping a disparity in the entitlements and other perks in regard to MNS Officers are a foolish activity and demotivating factor. Please keep it in mind that they are the main components in keeping the Morale of the Armed Forces Up by keeping the Armed Forces Personnels fit and Healthy in their work place. So let them also be morally up to keep up the morale of an organisation.

    "Doctor" is a profession in the health sector and at the same time "Nurse" is another important profession in the same sector. Both have got their own stipulated as well as specified duties and responsibilities in the field make it as an efficient profession. One is incomplete without the other. So please don't make any depsparity, let them work together without any ego and clash. Please don't make any chance by creating the desparity because the ulmate looser will be the end benificiaries and finally the Noble Organisation.

    To the Senior Administrative Nursing Officers,
    Dear Madams,
    Please try to understand your positions, Rights,Entitlements and be updated in the Organisation. Fight for Illegal rejections and refusals. Avoid joining in the Corrus of the Envious Senior Officers Sitting in the Head Quarters whenever you decorate the availble senior most position in you Branch. Try to do some thing for your followers who will always regard for your good deeds. Since that position is your ultimate mate position in the service be Bold and gentle to ensure the rights and previlages of your branch is not denied at any hook and corner, for that only that position has been created. Good Luck.

    (T.P.Krishna Kumar)
    A well wisher of Indian Armed Forces

  20. Anonymous4/09/2010

    It is understood that under the Army Act it is mandatory to be kind to one"s subordinates. Moreover every officer is expected to adhere to the traditions of saervice. Now I fail to understand whether reduction of status of a group of officers after say 50 years of dedicated service amounts to extending kindness to the subordinates or adhering to the traditions of service. The arguement of the learned GC was amusing. We have to appreciate the that supreme commander of the Armed forces is not recurited under the Army Act. I hope more of public money is not spent by the Army to learn this fact through the Honable Courts.

  21. Anonymous4/09/2010

    The respect the Army has for lady officers can be judged by the recent Court verdicts. Now the respect the Army has for instituitions like the AFT where the retired General officers are members can be understood by their methodology of implimentation of the verdict.

  22. smitha4/25/2010

    Hey docs, don't worry..we r just not aiming to replace u in profession and power.. if u feel insecure, pls introspect, u'll soon become aware that u'r insecurities stem from u'r own lack of knowledge and skills..if u feel a nurse is not respecting u, that's simply becoz u may not be capable enough to deserve her respect..look around and see that a skillfull & learned doc in AMC never had to ask for respect from us, we give it wholeheartedly.Nursing is an entirely separate profession from that of doctor's.We cannot be compared or replaced by one another, and one can't function without the other.. then why fight? let us work in harmony, and take care of the sick and wounded, more efficiently than ever before.

  23. MAJ MAITREYEE10/29/2010

    History reminds us through all the ages that war ends only by peace.Medical and nursing proffesion are both dignified and essensial proffesion of our society ,are totally different but together,Then
    why to fight?Can a doctor serve without a nurse? Why cant we give respect and take respect from both sides?Nine long years have crossed,please bring peace now.A small suggesion mam,can our seniors approach MRS SONIYA GANDHI and discuss these harassments going on with our lady officers for such a long period,,MAM ADG,,please think once,,,,,

  24. Dear All,

    Kindly contact Mr.A.K.Antony for all your problems i am sure that he will make it.

  25. Anonymous12/09/2011

    A very good platform to putforward the genuine grievances of MNS officers. Keep it up.

  26. Anonymous1/13/2013

    i am an ex MNS officer and with my enthusiasm to learn and progress in profession i moved to UK about one and a half decade ago. working in senior administrative position, really feel happy and have job satisfaction. also have equal chances to do courses and progress for higher nursing qualifications. But when i see and hear all the politics and cur throatism in Indian army i feel sad and disheartened. i always compare the two sides for its functions, care, knowledge and working conditions etc. and above all well being of nurses. i would like to meet my indian nursing coligues and share the experience and also would like to inform them the work culture of UK. Nurses deserve far more respect and appreciation than they ever get for their hard work and care they provide.


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Nurse-General & Staff. Is our top brass suffering from selective blindness ?

Nurse-General & Staff. Is our top brass suffering from selective blindness ?
Maj Gen Melissa A Rank, Asst Air Force Surg Gen Medical Force Development, and Asst Air Force Surg Gen Nursing Services USAF