"There is no such thing as 'Nurse-Doctor equality'. It exists only in the 'wildest imaginations of some AMC Docs'. The only issue is 'integration of Military Nursing Service as a Corps of regular Army'; not equating Nurses with the Doctors". : Anonymous Reader

Army Appeals in Supreme Court

An appealed has been filed by Army in Supreme Court against the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) order dated 30 Mar 2010 in the case of ‘Union of India & Ors Vs. Major General Usha Sikdar’. Click here to view the case status as listed in Supreme Court.

For the uninitiated, in a well reasoned decision the Hon’ble
Principal Bench of AFT held that Officers of Military Nursing Service (MNS) cadre are Commissioned Officers of the regular Army and are entitled to the privileges of their respective rank like the rest of the Officer cadres of the Army. The decision came in the backdrop of the refusal of authorities to allow Major General Usha Sikdar, then head of the MNS, to display stars and a flag on her official car, after the Army issued a letter on April 30, 2004 saying that MNS officers were not true Army officers, but officers under the Nursing Service.

Let me remind everyone here that Madam Sikdar single handedly fought the case through Delhi High Court and AFT for six years to restore the honour and prestige of every Officer past or present. Now the future of the Military Nursing Service depends upon the outcome of this appeal. Madam Sikdar even at her advanced age of 67 years is willing to fight the case through the Supreme Court for ourselves and the future generations of the Nursing Services. We must help her in everyway possible, so that the case is decisively settled for ever. The General Officer is now staying at Gurgaon and is determined to fight on the case for us all. You are free to contact her or her legal adviser, Lt Col PDP Deo (retd) on mobile number 09312381625 or land line 011 28052695.

Maj Gen Usha Sikdar,
D-15/11 IInd Floor Ardee City,
Sector - 52 Gurgaon, Haryana.
PIN - 122003

Telephone: 0124 4253642
Mobile: 09711335994


  1. Aryzul8/17/2010

    Immediately after the much awaited promulgation of National Litigation Policy, I suppose the inevitable has been done by virtue of filing the first frivolous appeal by Army with regard to AFT order dated 30 Mar 2010 restoring the Status of MNS (Diary Number 24485 OF 2010, Filed 04 Aug 2010). Even after recent dressing down by honorable Supreme Court, Army is still resorting to auto pilot mode of filing appeals against the verdicts. There is either no taker in Army or they do not understand in simple terms until it is pushed down the throats of Generals.

    This is just a mockery of ‘National Litigation Policy’ and will not work until some punitive action is initiated against those who are filing such irresponsible appeals.

    The NLP makes it very clear that, “litigation will not be resorted to for the sake of litigating” and that “false pleas and technical points will not be taken. The policy also directs that “the Government must cease to be a compulsive litigant”. The policy also provides that in service matters, no appeal would be filed in cases where the matter pertains to an individual grievance without any major repercussion or where the matter pertains to a case of pension or retirement benefits without involving any principle and without setting any precedent or financial implications. Further, an appeal would not be filed in service matters merely because the order of the Administrative Tribunal affects a number of employees and appeals would not be filed to espouse the cause of one section of employees against another. Challenges to orders of Tribunals would be an exception rather than a matter of routine.

    Now SC will kick these buts again out. SC might be surprised, how to make these Generals understand because "English to Aati Nahin, Hindi Samajh Nahin Patey" ... This is how they are known .. "Collection of Fools, Commanded by Idiots"

  2. Anonymous8/18/2010

    ANSWERED ON 09.08.2010
    2425 . Shri PURNMASI RAM

    Will the Minister of DEFENCE be pleased to state:-

    (a) whether there is disparity in promotion of Army Medical Corps officers and Military Nursing Services (MNS) officers;

    (b) if so, the steps taken to remove the disparity;

    (c) whether there is also disparity between the pay and allowances of MNS and others;

    (d) if so, the reasons therefor and the steps taken to remove the anomaly;

    (e) the reasons for not paying risk allowance, patient care allowance etc. to MNS officers and measures taken to grant these allowances to them immediately;

    (f) whether the uniform of MNS officers has been changed; and

    (g) if so, the reasons therefor and action taken to restore the uniform?


    (a) to (d): Army Medical Corps and Military Nursing Service are two separate and distinct cadres with different qualifications and roles. As such, no comparison can be drawn between the two as well as with other Army officers.

    (e) Patient Care Allowance is given only to Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ (Non-Ministerial) employees of hospitals and medical establishments, subject to the condition that no night weightage or risk allowance will be admissible to these employees. These allowances are not applicable to nursing personnel.

    (f) & (g): The existing dress code was implemented with effect from 10th May


  3. Anonymous8/18/2010

    Special Air Force Instructions (SAFI) 1/S/08 defines :-

    “Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR):- Include Hony Commissioned Officers, Master Warrant Officers, Warrant Officers, and Junior Warrant Officers, Sergeants, Corporals and LAC & AC subject to Air Force Act, 1950.”

    Similarly Special Army instruction (SAI) 1/S/2008 also defines the above definition of PBOR.

    Capt. (AMC, Arty, EME etc) has Grade Pay Rs. 6100, Honorary Capt. has Grade Pay Rs. 6100(Gazette Notification dt. 30.08.08 recommended Rs. 5700).

    It is highly illogical that Grade Pay of PBOR & Commissioned Officer(AMC/Engg/Arty) in the same organization has been kept the same(Rs. 6100) and there appears no command control problem to Army. The Grade Pay of Hon Capt. increased vide SAI Order.

    Whereas, another Commissioned Officer(Capt MNS) in the same organization is given Grade Pay(Rs. 6100) then command control problem starts. Right now the Grade Pay of Commissioned Officer MNS (Rs 5700) has been kept below PBOR(Rs. 6100). This situation can not be seen in any other organization.

    This peculiar situation/comparision is missing in the Draft Petition.

    With regards


  4. Anonymous8/19/2010

    Whenever, the MoD is cornered due to their own illogical & illegal discrimination, then they come up with such baseless ( without having legal backing) argument before the Parliament & Courts to justify their act of dicrimniation. The another such example came up before the Hon'bl Tribunal Principal Bench No. 1 in case of Territorial Officers(TA No. 41/2010). Wherein the Army pleaded that Territorial Army is a part time concept and it cannot be treated at par with Indian Army and in that connection, they pointed out that petitioner has not put in 18 years of service but he has put in 16 years 92 days service in regular Army. It is also pointed that matter was examined at all level and ultimately, Additional Directorate General Territorial Army, General Staff branch, Army Headquarters, ‘L’ Block, New Delhi vide communication dated 16.04.2002 has informed the Group Headquarters of all Commands that Territorial Army officers have never been treated at par with regular commissioned officers and the benefit of provision of Regulation 15 of Pension Part-I, 1961

    for Army about late entrants cannot be extended to Territorial Army officers as this Regulation is only applicable to regular commissioned officers only.

    However, the Hon'ble Tribunal finally did justice to the TA with passing following lines :-
    "At the outset we express our great regret that the matter has been mishandled badly. The Government orders dated 30th October, 1987 and 03rd February, 1998 have been flouted with impunity. Either Authorities have not read it or they have not applied their mind at all. Subordinate officers are bound by the Government decisions and they cannot override them".

  5. Anonymous8/19/2010

    kindly publish copy of appeal filed by army on this site to enble us to know grounds taken by army agains AFT order.

  6. Anonymous8/20/2010

    1.The entire judgment of the Hon’ble Tribunal in case of Major S.D. Singh, Territorial Army Officer, (in case of TA No. 46/2010 dt. 19.02.2010) has been gone through. The brighter part of the judgment from MNS officers’ point of view is that the Government orders dated 30th October, 1987 and 03rd February, 1998 has been discussed elaborately(in Para 6 to 8) on which the entire justice has been given to the TA officer.

    2.Both the Govt Orders place TA & MNS officers on equal footing with other officers of the Armed Forces(Air Force, Navy & Army). In addition, in para 10 of above judgment, the AFT has also held that in case of Lt. Col. I.K. Talwar Vs. Union of India & Others (T.A. No. 771/2009) (Another TA officer) the personnel of the Territorial Army for the purposes of pension shall be treated at par with Army officer. We have been shown the minutes of the note sheet of the Defence Ministry and CGDA (pension).

    3.We regret to say that there is not at all proper application of mind in this case. They are all obsessed with same concept of late entrants and the personnel of the Territorial Army stands differently for the purposes of pension. But the intention of the Government and two orders which have been issued in pursuance of the implementation of Fourth Pay Commission and Fifth Pay Commission leaves no room for doubt. The aforesaid officer was granted arrear on account pension alongwith 12 % interest thereon. The AFT also imposed cost of Rs. 10,000 on Govt.(UOI) to be paid to the TA officer.

    4.In my humble view, the salary & pension are the same thing(every month’s monetary benefit) . Pension is accrued on the basis of salary last drawn. If officers are equated on pension after retirement, then there can be no discrimination on salary (This seems to be settled legal position as well).

  7. Anonymous8/20/2010

    The Officers of MNS are not asking for equivalence with AMC officer (They are specialized cadre on the basis of qualification ie. 12 % advance increment and 25 % NPA of salary is given). For this reasons only, they are promoted to Lt Col in 11 years and Col(Selection) in 16 years. AMC officers are also granted Col(Time Scale) in 24 years instead of 26 years which is given to the General Cadre Officers of all the three Arms. Even MNS officers are seeking parity with General Cadre Officer(this fact of General Cadre Officer equivalence has been taken into consideration by 6th CPC in Para 2.3.19 for MNS officers).

    Gazette Notification dt. 30.08.10 has already granted/ extended MNS officer promotion upto Lt Col in 13 years at par with other service Officer (general cadre officer not belonging to AMC ).

    6th CPC in para 2.3.21 also pointed out the fact(of discrimination)that MNS offciers were not being given benefit of FR 22(a)(1)in pay fixation. Whereas benefit of FR 22 was admissible to the Civilian Officer on Assured Carrer Progrssion Scheme(erswhile ACP)when officer is not actually promoted and only financial benefit of one increment is given.

    The above fact needs to be brought to the notice of the Hon’ble Supreme Court during hearing of case.

  8. Hridush8/20/2010

    The Respectable Gopalganj (Bihar) MP Shri Purnmasi Ram of Janta dal (JDU) who has raised the questions in loksabha on 09 Aug 10 is a friend or foe of MNS? I doubt his intentions, it was again a malicious attempt by the unscrupulous campaigners to make the politicians feel that MNS is trying to draw a parallel with AMC. And those who try to tarnish the cause of the fight of MNS should understand that we are not here to beg for the mercy of these petty politicians but to fight for the rights. Once again we reiterate that There is no such thing as 'Nurse-Doctor equality'. It exists only in the 'wildest imaginations of some AMC Docs'.

  9. Anonymous8/20/2010

    kindly publish copy of appeal filed by army on this site to enble us to know grounds taken by army agains AFT order dt 30-3-10 in madam usha sikdar's case.

  10. Anonymous8/21/2010

    The comment has mentioned that time bound promotions have been extended to MNS officers in the Gazette dated 30/08/2010 today is only 21/08/2010, please give the order no & I will find out the details, as such no orders regarding this has been out, I don't know how you got this information, there are lot of rumours spreading in the MNS corps, this is due to lack of awareness of the rules,

  11. Aryzul8/22/2010

    @Anonymous above Hridush ...

    Is this refered Gazette Notification dt 30.08.10 true?? How it can be? 30.08.10 is yet to come!!!

  12. Aryzul8/22/2010


    You are absolutely right. There is whole sale LP lot from Bihar in AMC and from those sub standard rotten medical colleges, not capable of producing a peon forget about Doctor.

  13. errupting valcano8/23/2010

    Dear Lt.Col Poonam,

    Kidly advice as to what is to be done about the draft petetion you published in your blog.?

    Please enlighten us as to Which Authorities to be addressed to.?

  14. cabinet is considaring regarding restructuring of the military nursing service. it cannot be from positive side . so bye bye to commissioned rank and get strip rank. news published in times of india 23-8-10.

    the Cabinet will also consider the education tribunal bill where the HRD ministry has rejected to comments offered by the standing committee. Changes in the Juvenile Justice Act to ensure children affected by leprosy are not discriminated against and restructuring of the military nursing service are other items on the Cabinet agenda.

    Read more: MPs to get another hike of Rs 10,000 - India - The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/MPs-to-get-another-hike-of-Rs-10000/articleshow/6399036.cms#ixzz0xOLg8Vf2

  15. Anonymous8/23/2010

    Dear Akash,

    Please don't panic. The Army HQs told in the morning (23/08) that the discussion reffered in the ToI to be figured in 'Cabinet Meeting' today was about creating some additional appointments in MNS, not for stripping the commissioned rank.

  16. Anonymous8/23/2010

    That is true, The Cabinet discussion was about granting more substantive ranks in MNS cadre i.e, one more Maj Gen, six Brigs and many Cols and Lt Cols ranks. It was told, the RM took personal interest in the matter.

    By the way once the matter is 'sub-judicial' as in the case by virtue of appeal in 'supreme court', till the final verdict 'Cabinet' cannot make any decision affecting change in the present status! Don't believe in rumours.

  17. Anonymous8/23/2010

    what was the final outcome of cabinet meating dated 23-8-10 regardind restructuring mns cadre?

  18. Anonymous8/24/2010


    If any one has any doubt about this factual position, then we may please be informed which PB-4 services has been granted the grade pay of Rs. 7600(which is GP of PB-3) in India either in Defence Services or in Civil Services.

    Further, PB-4 in India has been granted grade pay (GP) of Rs. 8700 vide two Gazette Notification dated 29 & 30.08.2008(leaving/seperating only Lt Col or its equivalent having GP Rs. 8000 that was granted in 2009 vide seperate entry no. 4A). It is further informed that no rumours are being spread on this Blog. Most of the commments, with legal backing and proof, are being posted on this blog.

    This Supreme order of the Govt. on time bound promotion is Cabinet's decision and it is out much before on 30.08.08( Lt Col in 13 years). If no administrative order has been issued by the MoD that doen not mean that benefit can not be available to MNS officers in 13 years, if represented on the basis of Gazette Notification in AFT.

  19. Aryzul8/24/2010

    Please avoid comments as anonymous bceause it is difficult to refer or address the reply to particular person, when there are so many anonymous.

  20. Anonymous8/25/2010

    what was the final outcome of cabinet meating dated 23-8-10 regardind restructuring mns cadre?

  21. Anonymous8/25/2010

    I would like to mention about a different subject which is not at all relelvent to Pay and Rank. This is reg.demoralising/harrasing/Gossiping situtions in some of the MHs in UP, Mathura, by senior with in the Group. Unwanted shoutings,insults,Get Outs, warnings,derogatory remarks etc.to MNS Officers for no reason infront of Ayas or Nursing Asssts or AMC Offs.are common Here. They are being used as slaves. Blaming and shouting them for the mistakes of others are a routine matter here. Every day they are coming back to House with Tearfull eyes and our families are totally disturbed and frestrated. I happened to hear Oneday from one of my friends'wife, an MNS officer, "it is better to die than working with out respect and dignity" . Can we change this situation..?can we have a discussion about this..? If concerned HOD of the group behaves like this what is the point in working with this institution..? Private jobs are far better than this, ofcourse salary and other fecilities cant be compared with Army.
    How can we change this situation..? There is no doubt, no Nursing staff in private can beat the knowledge and efficiency of MNS offrs. I salute them for their dedication.Then what for these harrassments..? only Egos..?
    When will we change. I think these Hitlers need to change their attitude before they have to.

  22. Aryzul8/25/2010

    Army Act Applies To MNS Officers – AFT

    The Principal bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT), New Delhi has ruled that it has jurisdiction to try cases related to Military Nursing (MNS) officers. Delivering the judgment on an application filed by Balwinder Kaur, the Bench comprising Justice Manak Mohata and Lt Gen ZU Shah (retd), said “A reading of Indian Military Nursing Service Ordinance and Rules clearly indicates that the Army Act applies to the MNS Officers unless they are clearly inapplicable to women.” The applicant contended that the AFT had no jurisdiction over her case, which was transferred by Delhi High Court to the Tribunal, as MNS officers were not included in Sub Section 2 (i) of the Army Act 1950, whereas they were governed by the Indian Military Nursing Service Ordinance, 1943. She also cited the Supreme Court case of Jasbir Kaur Vs Union of India, which had held that the MNS “is a separate and distinct class.” The government said that the Indian Military Nursing ordinance clearly states that provision of the Indian Army Act applied to Nursing Officers’ unless they were clearly in applicable to woman. The bench ruled in favour of the Government. The opposite camp is so desperate to try every dirty trick to misled the AFT to get rid of the Judgment dated 30 Mar 2010, even though, it involves propping up one our Nursing Officer to question the very jurisdiction of AFT with regard to MNS officers. Anyway the piggyback AMC lot could not succeed in their evil designs through even by using the petitioner (one among us).
    This reiterates the fact that our case is strong but has to be vigorously contested in SC. Govt has already taken the position that Indian Military Nursing ordinance clearly states that provision of the Indian Army Act applied to Nursing Officers’ unless they were clearly in applicable to woman. But be aware that Govt often takes position to save its own skin to cover-ups wrong decisions of the past. That is the reason it is now trying to find fault and have included in the agenda of Cabinet Meeting dt 23 Aug 2010, regarding Army Nursing Corps. Simply because Govt/MOD/Army has no answers as to why no Administrative order was issued for time scale promotion of MNS to Lt Col once VI pay commission recommended and Govt promulgated notification dated 29/30 Aug 2008 do not mention anything for exclusion of MNS officers. In theory MNS officers supposedly have already got the time bond promotions to Lt Col & PB4 vide notification dated 30 Aug 2008 but in practical no administrative order till date. Ask ADGs and top 10 Nursing officers, what they have been doing these many days. Still they will do nothing. Come on!! Spare some thought for Madam Sikdars’s horrors for the past 6-7 years. I feel ashamed of, when few among us have started to ask statement of Account for paltry amount of Rs 1000 from Madam Sikdar. Opposite party have contributed 15 days – 30 days Salary and are under the guidance of articulate A. Jaitely. I agree that the status of the case may be updated on the blog so as to stop the rumors. A gist of the appealing provisions under the AFT Act is produced below:
    Chapter V : Section 30, Appeal
    Says that subject to provisions of section 31, an appeal shall lie in the Supreme Court against the AFT order within ninety days.
    Section 31 : (1) says An appeal to the SC shall lie with the leave of the Tribunal; and such leave shall not be granted unless it is certified by the tribunal that a point of law of general public importance is involved in the decision or it appears to the Supreme Court that the point is one which ought to be considered by that court. (2) An application to the tribunal for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court has to be made within 30 days and further to The Supreme Court within 30 days beginning with date on which the application for leave is refused by the tribunal.
    Note: Leave to appeal to the Supreme Court refused by tribunal. Subsequent to refusal preferred an appeal to the Supreme Court. Thus status is pending until Supreme Court decides.

  23. The Union Cabinet today approved the proposal of cadre restructuring of Military Nursing Services (MNS). The proposal approved by the Cabinet includes:-

    § Upgradation of 74 posts of Lt Col (Time Scale) to the rank of Lt. Col (Select) and above. Now, there will be 2 Major Generals, 18 Brigadiers, 58 Colonels and 157 Colonels (Select) in MNS.

    § Revision of service criteria in the Time Scale promotion in the non Select Rank up to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (Time Scale) will be as follows : Captain- 3 years (from existing 5 years); Major – 8 years (from existing 12 years) and Lt.Col.(TS) – 16 years (from existing 20 years).

    § Qualifying service for Lieutenant Colonel (Select) rank by Selection Board revised from the existing 18 years to 14 years.

    The decision will reduce stagnation in the various ranks of Military Nursing Service by increasing the number of select appointments. It will also help in retaining competent and qualified nursing officers in service by providing adequate opportunities for career progression.


    The last cadre review of Military Nursing Service was carried out in the year 1986. The authorized strength of MNS cadre is 3860 and there are only 161 select rank posts in the MNS cadre. There is a steep pyramidal structure at higher select ranks. An MNS officer is able to pick up the select appointment in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel approximately after 26-28 years of service, when she is around 46-48 years of age. On account of limited number of vacancies, arising out of superannuation, there is large scale supersession of many deserving nursing officers (both specialised and non-specialised) in the Promotion Boards for promotion to higher ranks. Apart from causing de-motivation among these nursing officers, non-selection for promotion also leads to seeking premature retirement by such experienced nursing officers. To retain such qualified and trained nursing offices, it has been considered necessary to improve promotional avenues at all levels so as to mitigate the hardship of nursing officers by increasing the number of posts in select grade appointments within the overall strength of cadre.

  24. appeal filed by the govt in sikdars case would be hMISCELLANEOUS MATTERS (INCLUDING FRESH
    1st SEPTEMBER, 2010
    ADVANCE LIST NO. AL/ 00127/2010
    PART - 1

    S.(1504)(11/08/2010)Vs. MAJ. GEN USHA SIKDAR
    eard on 1-09-10

  25. Anonymous9/23/2010

    please make people aware that a writ has been filed in the Principal tribunal for the PB IV,the main cause is on the stake, we have to build pressure on the govt from both sides.
    people can check the next date from the site, the case came for the hearing on 14, sep
    < we all are united >

  26. dear @anonymous above

    kindly down load 'reasoning for same pay & allowances' under 'offrs pay & related issues' from this blog, and give to the lawyer fighting case in AFT for PB-4. there is lot of valuable material in it, most of the supporting documents also are published in 'mnscorps.blog'. please remember to send us more details of the case, so it can be published.

  27. Anonymous9/25/2010

    Dear Madam,
    Please fight for equal Pay and allowances, Same timebound Promotions in same time interval upto Col and same OG uniform like any other Army Officer. I am Praying to God Almighty for all these rights since past 21 years. We all are there with you, to support you financially.
    Lt Col A George

  28. Anonymous10/01/2010

    You are informed that petitions have been filed for implementations of 6th Pay Commissions recommendations and also to eliminate anomalies in the Gazette of India in respect of 6th Pay Commission. You are requested to pls contact these officers for any clarification.

  29. Anonymous10/01/2010

    Madam Usha Sikdar has no legal right (locus standi) to fight case against pay anomalies. Only serving officers can file cases for time bound promotion and other related issues like grade pay pay band 4 and msp. Only talks will not help you people. God helps those who help themselves. Jai Hind

  30. Anonymous10/05/2010

    pl do not mis-guide people. MNS officers pl. beware of mis- guiding informations. pl. approach the legal experts and do the needful at the earliest. Help yourself as mentioned above.

  31. Anonymous10/06/2010

    No body is misguiding MNS Officers. If you have basic knowledge of law which you must have being a commissioned officer then you must be aware that she can not claim time bound promotion to the rank of Lt Colonel and further she can not claim the grade pay of Major. But it is better to give money then to educate.

  32. Anonymous11/13/2010

    EX serviceman status
    for (NON pensioner*) Territorial army officers alike all other SSCO & ECO

    Prevailing Definition of Ex serviceman As per Deptt of Pers & Training, Govt of India
    The eligibility of the person to the status of ex-Servicemen is governed by the definition in vogue at the time of his discharge and will not be affected by the changes in the definition subsequent to his discharge .as revised on 1982"

    Ex-servicemen" means a person who has served in any rank, whether as a combatant or a non-combatant,( includes personnel of the Territorial Army of the following categories, - Pension holders for continuous embodied service, Persons with disability attributable to military service; and Gallantry award winners) in the Naval, Military and Air Forces of the Union of India ( referred to as the Armed Forces of the Union of India), and who has,-Retired or released from such service at his or her own request after earning his or her pension; or has been released from such service on medical grounds attributable to military service or circumstances beyond his control and awarded medical or other disability pension or been released, otherwise than on his own request, from such service as a result of reduction in establishment or been released from such service after completing the specific period of engagement otherwise than at his own request or by way of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or inefficiency, and has been given a Gratuity

    the above prevailing Definition excludes non pensioner Territorial Army officers honorably released\discharged with GRATUITY alike SSCO
    on contrary
    Emergency commissioned officers &- short service commissioned officers with just 05 years of commissioned service & released\discharged without pension of any kind are granted the status of EXSERVICEMAN
    in other words

    NON pensioner* ECO & SSCO are considered EX serviceman for having been relesed\discharged with GRATUITY But the status of EX-SERVICEMAN for Territorial Army officers is based on pension grants

    NON pensioner TERRITORIAL ARMY officers with PHYSICAL EMBODIED commissioned service at par to SSCO . Honorably released from service otherwise than at his own request or by way of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or inefficiency, & has been given a GRATUITY alike ;- SSCO & ECO still are NOT granted the status of EXSERVICEMAN

    There exist huge inequality in status of ESM & is not in the interest of TERRITORIAL ARMY NON pensioners ,depriving them of all Benefits \ concessions \other facilities & welfare grants as sanctioned by GOI for ex serviceman
    The TERRITORIAL ARMY OFFICERS must be granted the status of EXSERVICEMAN (irrespective of their pension Grants )for having honorably released\discharged with GRATUITY for their physical embodied commissioned service Alike SSCO & ECO

    The disproportion with Territorial Army for grant of Ex-Serviceman is highly illegal.

  33. I think of Kargil Adarsh scam. I think of Bofors Scam. We are after all Indians. We only want power and money. No work. No respect for the sincerity.

    Poor soldiers live and die for the corrupted BABUs and POLITICAL scoundrels.

  34. Anonymous1/09/2011

    what's the status of the case in SC

  35. Anonymous2/16/2011

    recently a ssc nursing officer applied for training courses for army officers conducted by DGR,rejected because she is a MNS

  36. Anonymous4/29/2011

    I just want all AMC officers to see a Big mirror for five days in the form of SSB which other officers face and become eligible to hold the commission rank. I m sure they all will be shown different path altogether for their negative attitude towards other ranks and MNS officers of India. Creating big scams cannot make you big docs. I know why you all want to become officers in charge of Med Stores and CSD canteens. Better to improve or will be by different manner.

  37. Anonymous6/22/2011

    hi, ADVOCATE SANJEEV, advocaterich@rediffmail.com, Ph- 09981109684,
    Its correct that the order of AFT is under challange but what all the documents produced by the Respondents before the AFT and DELHI HIGH COURT still hold validity and they can be used against them in Supreme Court of India or in any other court for other case and they have themselve told before Delhi HC that all what is narrated in AFT order regarding at par status of MNS officers with other tri services officers.
    > Ex. Col. Deo has not appeared in court has his presence is not shown in the Supreme Court Order Sheet and the case is listed only for one day. Please go and get listed and don't delay it as the stay is in their favour and more & more delay will complicate the matter rather than give us benefit. I want to be present in Supreme Court of India when the case comes up for hearing on the listing date if Madam Sikdar with whom I have conversed regarding the case on her mobile no.
    > It looks sometimes fishy that pay matter is different and other etc. matter is different than the matter i.e. subject matter of madam's case. In a case judgement is seen and the subject matter was for the dignity, star & flag but as per the power of the court can give any judgement on sou motu basis which is in built in it. So madam's case can be used very well to sort out these Army personals.

  38. Anonymous7/05/2011

    You are simply mistaken. Courts can not go beyond pleadings and prayer. Please do not make irresponsible statement without the knowledge of law.

  39. hi all nursing officers...i dnt understand why there is so much of hue and cry over saluting a nursing officer....how it matters...even they wear the same rank ...salute is something very deserving...nd ur right infact...some people dnt want to accept the change which is the fact any way..i feel great honour to salute every one who is decorated wid..stars...lt to gen...anyway that was purely my opinion and i stick to it...others think twice..its justice nd right..not ego...cheers to nursing officers of ind army.....major prakash rao


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Nurse-General & Staff. Is our top brass suffering from selective blindness ?

Nurse-General & Staff. Is our top brass suffering from selective blindness ?
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